August New Moon 2015

Into the Heart of the Sun: New Moon in Leo 2015

A view from Bryce Amphitheater Traverse at Bryce Canyon
National Park, Utah; photo by Chad Woodward, July 2015. 
New Moon @ 21 Leo 31'
August 14, 2015
10:53 AM Eastern
7:53 AM Pacific

So often, we look to astrology to predict external changes, concrete events that will restructure the exterior dimensions of our life experience. Sometimes, astrology can do this although we can never be certain how those events will manifest exactly—what form they will ultimately take. But the most profound changes that astrology predicts, especially through the lens of transits and secondary progressions, are those internal events that restructure our psyche from within, and as we shift and change internally; magically, the external always seems to follow suit.

This month’s lunar cycle begins anew in the sign of Leo conjunct Venus retrograde—just a day before the midpoint of the Venus retrograde cycle, the “inferior” conjunction of Sun and Venus (Exact on Aug. 15). This is the moment when Venus descends into the heart of the Sun; her illustrious brilliance engulfed by the Sun’s overpowering presence. As she conjoins the Sun, she is transformed into a morning star- Lucifer, the light bearer. From here on out, until the next cycle, Venus will announce the rising of the Sun each morning.

This New Moon heralds the dawn of a new day. Something within each of us has been undergoing a transformation that may be difficult to pin down exactly, but we feel it deeply and intensely, especially if this particular Venus retrograde cycle touches your horoscope directly. You may find yourself changing your core values as well as rediscovering things that reconnect you with beauty. You may equally find many of your relationships (friendships, romantic, professional) undergoing a transformation. Perhaps you find yourself going deeper with connections that you’ve recently made, letting go of others and the karma attached to them, seeing certain relationships in a different light, or choosing to make different choices within the context of your relationships.

Whatever you’re experiencing right now, it’s something quite beyond your conscious control. And while the Sun is the most “conscious” of archetypes, as it symbolizes the conscious life narrative, this New Moon correlates to a profound inner shift within each of us, and an inner shift that will likely lead to external changes over the next several weeks. In Leo, the Sun’s energy dominates the landscape. You may be craving conscious awareness of those undercurrents that constantly trip you up in life. I would encourage you to allow these insights to arise spontaneously and organically and trust that the unconscious part of you may actually know what it’s doing.

As Venus descends into the Sun, she is born again and renewed. Your personal values, sense of self-worth, and your perception of certain relationships will be transformed by fire. From the ashes, a new sense of self will emerge into the light of day. Allow this New Moon to burn away any old “karma” that you’ve been clinging to. Allow this lunation to bring to light a new understanding of life and your place within it. From this understanding, will come the confidence to shine your light into the world—to be what you inherently are and are destined to be. Over the next few weeks, this understanding will solidify, and ideally, you will feel different, more connected to your authentic self.

There is also a powerful creative potential packed into this New Moon, as well as an overwhelming reflective impulse—directing consciousness toward past experiences that have been left unresolved. Take a risk with this New Moon; take the risk of loving and accepting yourself for the way that you are. Remember, that your relationships always reflect your level of self-love. How can anyone else love and value you if you don’t love and value yourself? How can you expect the world to give you a standing ovation if you never clap for yourself? To receive love from the universe, you have to equally put love into it, and that starts with you, as a fragment of the whole. 

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