Black Moon January 2014

Turning Over A New Leaf: New Moon In Aquarius 2014

Taro leaf underside backlit by Sun. Wikimedia Commons.
New Moon @ 10 Aquarius 55'
January 30, 2014
1:38 PM Pacific
4:38 PM Eastern

As usual, the conjunction of the Sun and Moon coincides with a new beginning. Deep inside, whether we notice it or not, a new start begins to gestate. It may be a subtle hunch that urges us to pursue some fresh new pathway. No matter how drastic or minute this new beginning manifests, and no matter how conscious we are of this process, new developments unfold in synch with the cycle of Sun and Moon.

This month’s Aquarius New Moon is the second to occur in the month of January. That might be significant depending on how much credence you give to the Gregorian calendar. In a way, it’s like a Blue Moon, only invisible to the naked eye. It’s a rather black Moon, actually, devoid of any noticeable hue. In addition to this oddity, the Moon is especially close to the Earth, at its perigee. 

Always, this amplifies the Moon’s lunar archetype. Emotions are little heavier than usual. Dramatic reactions to trivial situations have more prominence. We may feel more sensitive when the Moon is closer. There may be greater fluctuations and expression of either joy or sorrow.

With the Moon in Aquarius, this further amplifies the unusual dimensions of this New Moon. Due to Aquarius’ higher planetary expression via Uranus, there’s a flare of eccentricity that always ferments anything placed in this sign. Aquarius and Uranus forge their own path; they dance to the beat of a different drummer. 

Such is the nature of this particular lunation. Aquarius is a breath of fresh air—crisp, clean and rejuvenating. Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, also makes a sextile to the Solar/Lunar duo. In addition to the dramatic t-square involving Jupiter, Uranus, Venus and Pluto—there may be some sudden changes taking place this lunar cycle. There may equally be a sense of heavy tension and impetus to move on.

Whether these changes are subtle or pronounced, they signal that the time has come to turn over a new leaf. Aquarius and Uranus urge us to break free of those stagnating circumstances that hold back the evolutionary current. But nothing is forcing us to. These changes are entirely voluntary. Such is the nature of the sextile; it stands as a suggestion, a helping hand. 

Uranus in Aries invites us to trail-blaze and to forge a new frontier. Whether we take up the offer or not boils down to a decision. If you do nothing else this lunation, take some time to breathe new life into something. Change something up. Look for ways to innovate anything around you. 

Horoscope of New Moon Jan 30, 2014. 

This lunation provides a powerful jump-start that will segway us into Mercury’s retrograde cycle, beginning February 6. That may sound a little discouraging for any new beginning, but fear not. While delays, frustrations and communicative obstacles are common, Mercury retrograde invites us to reexamine the world around us, to see things from a new perspective.

This is completely conducive to the Aquarian and Uranian objective. As we move into new territory this lunar cycle, expect the unexpected. The events unfolding may be hard to predict or pin down, but that’s okay. Open your mind and humbly accept your limited vision. In the dark of the Moon, it may be hard to see the path before you; but trust the inner light, it will guide the way. 

The next few weeks, as the Moon waxes toward its culmination and then begins to wane, we are invited to reexamine our dreams, visions and ideals. Whatever “new beginning” you encounter, keep in mind that it is an opportunity to see your future path in an entirely new and different light. 

Uranus and Aquarius create a quickening or acceleration of energy. That means that things around you may appear to move at a much faster pace. But Mercury retrograde asks us to pause, reflect and reconsider. So, while things may be moving faster than usual, there’s no rush to make something happen. All will unfold in due time. 

Break out of the box this lunar cycle in whatever way you can manage. Step up to challenges and work through, carefully, to solving any problems. Ingenious solutions are likely floating around, creating a sense that anything is possible with the right amount of visualization and willpower. Welcome this fresh new start with open arms and an open mind. Changes are on the way.