Cancer New Moon 2014

Recharging The Soul: New Moon in Cancer 2014

Me (Chad) enjoying the sunset behind the distant mountains.
I wasn't really meditating, but it made for a good picture.
Mt. San Jacinto, Ca, 2010. Photo by Ashly Smith. 

New Moon @ 05 Cancer 37'
June 27, 2014
1:08 AM Pacific
4:08 AM Eastern

This month’s New Moon occurs in the tropical sign of Cancer, just proceeding the Summer Solstice in the northern hemisphere. Thus, this lunation ushers in a new chapter, a marking point in the Sun’s annual cycle through the zodiac. Everything sentient takes notice of this change; we feel it mentally, emotionally and biologically.

Our cells know that something has shifted. If we listen carefully we might just  hear what they have to say about it. That might take some practice, but I think it’s possible. Here in the northern latitudes, the Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year; the Sun is at its highest ascent in the sky; it will never be as exalted in the heavens as it is on the day of this transition. It begins its descent at the Fall Equinox.

There is a climactic quality inherent to the Summer Solstice, a sprouting forth of energy and potential. With each solar cycle we are creating something, whether we’re conscious of it or not. When the Sun enters Cancer we’ll have some sense of foundation—of being rooted and grounded, ready to move forward with the full manifestation of that creation.

When the Sun and Moon conjoin in Cancer we may feel the urge to “withdraw” into the more intimate chasms of our personal life. That may manifest as a desire for more alone time—to reflect and connect with some deeply internalized process; or that may show up as a need to stay within a more close knit group of souls—tribe, kin or family.

The dark of the Moon in Cancer is intimate, but gentle. Cancer is a “sensitive” sign; it emphasizes feelings and transient moods. Like the perceptibly slow undulation of the ocean’s tides, Cancer is sign that amplifies the constant fluctuation of emotion.

Needless to say, our feelings and gut responses need much more attention at this time because we’re checking in with ourselves, fine tuning intuition and recharging our souls. Let that sink in a bit—the notion of feeding and nourishing the soul’s energy.

With Mercury retrograde in Gemini, the need for some time out, to step back and take in all the pieces, is greatly emphasized. While Gemini is all about the mind, disparate facts and logical conclusions, the power of this New Moon in Cancer draws us deeper into more sensitive and vulnerable territory.

Give the mind a break, and most of all, give yourself and your soul, some time out. Cancer, and by extension, the Moon, governs the enteric nervous system—which controls our digestive processes. Think of this New Moon as an opportunity to properly digest your life in some way.

Let all the elements sink in; absorb the complexities via osmosis as opposed to trying to sort them all out manually. If we get caught up in the extraneous stuff, we’re likely to experience the more negative side of Cancer—exaggerated emotionality or emotional isolation, feeling disconnected from the world and as a result, disconnected from our true nature, the soul’s energy.

In order for proper digestion to take place, we need to be in a more parasympathetic state—that is, we need to feel safe. Environmental stressors can wreak havoc on digestion, drastically slowing the process. Mercury retrograde reminds us that there’s no need to rush—that would be quite detrimental to the process.

Mercury turns direct on July 1, just three days after the New Moon. This opens up space for healing and integration. Within a few weeks we’ll be ready to take on the world. But for now, tune in and listen to your soul. A trine to the New Moon from Neptune in Pisces opens up channels to “higher” perceptions—ecstatic visions, spiritual insights and something transpersonal.

That transpersonal component may invite us to see beyond our own personal cocoon—to consider some larger sense of purpose. Whatever it is it will come to you with this lunation; there’s no need to go looking for it. The answers we seek now are to be found within us—in our bodies, in our souls. Sink in and find a comfortable, safe place you know well, if that’s possible.

If not, find that safe place within yourself—that well of abundant nourishment and joy. Remember what that feels like, what it does to your nervous system; and as the Moon continues in its waxing phase, try to hold on to that space and carry it forward as best as you can throughout the rest of the solar journey.