February New Moon 2014

Between A Rock and A Soft Place: New Moon In Pisces 2014

Presence I by Kathy Crabbe. Website

The New Moon in Pisces gets sandwiched between two very different planets: Neptune and Chiron. While Chiron certainly has a spiritual and even “transdimensional” quality, it’s more concerned with the physical body and the concrete actualization of one’s spiritual mission. Neptune, a truly ethereal and “mystical” archetype, deals purely with intangible planes of existence.

In Pisces, the end of the tropical zodiac cycle, we get the sense of something ending, yet something new just beginning on the horizon. Two supportive aspects, a trine from Jupiter and a sextile from Pluto, give the impression that something seemingly impossible is indeed within our ability to manifest.

Strong idealism and optimism finds a palpable sense of traction in the world, asking us to dream big or go home. If we’re realistic and rational, this New Moon and lunar cycle can really help us take some big steps toward the actualization of a specific vision or dream--to match ideals with reality in a truly unique way.

However, the watery depths of Pisces and Neptune and the harsh lessons of Chiron can equally bring us down to a place of depression or feelings of futility. But Jupiter and Pluto’s supportive aspects lend a helping hand, perhaps shining a light where only darkness has pervaded. 

The energy of this New Moon serves to give us a sense of hope, to pull us out of a seemingly bottomless pit, or to accentuate our confidence and optimism around current positive developments. Wherever you find yourself, embrace the help that’s being offered now. Look beyond appearances to see the deeper meaning behind the events that surround you.

Pisces invites us to see life through a unifying and holistic lens. At the end of the zodiac cycle, all has come to culmination. With the wisdom gained throughout the journey, we now see things more clearly and symbolically.

Chiron points us to what’s imperative for our survival; often that involves seeing the truth for what it is. Neptune, on the other hand, tends to gloss things over, making things appear more conducive to our ideals. With this New Moon we may also find ourselves between a rock and a soft place, literally a rogue minor planet and a gaseous giant—the truth and the fuzzy, glossy truth.

While the Sun and Moon meet in the far-out reaches of Pisces, contemplate the possibility of finding a balance between what’s real and what could be. Look for a way to create a bridge between what’s actually happening and what’s actually possible.

Everything we humans have created began as a dream. Our world could indeed be nothing but a shared, collective vision. With this New Moon, the lines separating fact from fiction and dream from reality are definitely blurred. Take advantage of this lucid perception—embrace a vision and give it a concrete formation, in whatever way you can manage.

In synch with the beginning of the new lunar cycle, both Mercury and Mars shift gears, stopping in their tracks. Mercury turns direct on the day of the New Moon while Mars turns retrograde the following day. Additionally, Saturn turns retrograde on March 2 while Jupiter turns stationary direct on March 6.

These four planets coming to a standstill can create the illusion of time slowing, generating an extended moment where pause, assessment and reflection become the focal point. Thus, this Piscean New Moon stands as a symbolic threshold, where we collectively enter into a new reality. Use this time wisely to simply enjoy and take in the moment; look back on the past few months and see just how far you’ve actually come.

But don’t feel pressured or rushed to get it all done. In fact, take this opportunity to simply observe your reality, seeing it for what it is, and then what you can do to change it. In other words, relax and let it all unfold in a timely manner. Pisces invites us to go with the flow of cosmic and universal energies—to gracefully drift likes leaves on a gentle stream.  Flow with it and you’ll find yourself beautifully in synch.