February New Moon 2015

The Boiling Point: New Moon in Aquarius 2015

A boiling lake in Yellowstone National Park; Photo by Brocken Inaglory.
Earthquakes in 1978-1979 turned this cool spring
into a boiling caldron averaging at 164 degrees F.
New Moon @ 29 Aquarius 59'
6:47 PM Eastern
3:47 PM Pacific

The Sun and Moon conjoin once more in tropical Aquarius, marking the second Aquarian New Moon this year. We get an extra jolt of that Aquarian influx just to keep things fresh and to renew any stale perspectives. Mercury’s retrograde cycle is officially over, though we are still in the shadow phase (until March 3), putting on the final touches to what we may have revised or reconfigured.

Hopefully, you’ve had a chance to see things differently or to establish a new creative approach. If you did, you’re probably feeling anxious to put some things into action or to set off in a new direction. What better time than now on this Aquarian New Moon? For New Moons signify a subtle new beginning and the planting of fresh seedlings.

The feeling of anxiousness, even restlessness, may be particularly pronounced with this lunation since it occurs at the anaretic (29th) degree of Aquarius. The final step of any zodiac sign is imbued with anticipation. A new phase awaits us on the other end, but something has to blossom and culminate beforehand. Mars, also on the anaretic degree of Pisces, accentuates the anaretic nature of this New Moon—which is to say that something is coming to a boil in the collective psyche.

Such a feeling suggests that something is about to explode with this lunation. It’s as if this New Moon signals the green light to jump into action and tackle what it is you desire to achieve. Aquarius, of course, suggests that you put aside any fears of ridicule or social disapproval. To liberate yourself from what others think or believe is something Aquarius thrives on and teaches.

Humans are social creatures no matter how introverted one may be. Transcending group-think and peer pressure can be one of the most challenging of human experiences. It’s a basic human instinct to want to please others, to hunger for approval and social validation. But true individuality demands that you piss some people off. And there are tactful and mature ways of doing so.

Mars enters Aries on Feb. 19—at which point you may feel free to be ruthlessly direct and less passive aggressive. Mars’ drifting conjunction with Venus in Pisces hasn’t helped to relieve that tendency either, but their conjunction in Aries on Feb. 20 is likely to bring more clarity and focus about what you really want and desire, as well as an urge to take some risks and push past any resistance that’s been holding you back.

This New Moon invites you to begin a new journey. That requires that you make some kind of commitment as well as entertain a strategy. While plans are always likely to change in time, it never hurts to have a rough template for the future. In fact, to have a working outline of the end result is essential for any new adventure if you wish it to be successful. Don’t hold back either. This lunation favors big dreams and fanciful speculations. The gods are feeling spritely and frisky. They’re throwing you serendipitous encounters and a synchronicity or two just to spice things up.