February New Moon 2017

Insight from Eternity: Solar Eclipse/New Moon in Pisces 2017

Annular solar eclipse; photo by Takeshi Kuboki via Wikimedia Commons

Annular solar eclipse; photo by Takeshi Kuboki via Wikimedia Commons

New Moon/Solar Eclipse @ 8 degrees Pisces 12'

February 26, 2017

6:58 AM Pacific

9:58 AM Eastern

February’s New Moon is an annular solar eclipse in tropical Pisces. It conjoins both Neptune and the South Node of the Moon. Mercury and Chiron are also in Pisces alongside this powerful and mysterious lunation. A New Moon is always a beginning point. It’s a fresh new start in the Moon’s lunar cycle. It’s a time to embrace the uncertainty of the moment and trust the seeds that you’re starting to plant in your life. A solar eclipse is an exceptionally powerful New Moon. It can sometimes generate intense feelings and reactions to what’s going on in your life.. 

Eclipses can also rapidly accelerate changes both inwardly and outwardly. Since Pisces is a mutable sign, this eclipse symbolizes a significant transitional point. If you’re ready for this transition, then you’ll find it easier to navigate. Since Neptune, the South Node, and Pisces are highlighted with this eclipse, the first theme to consider is surrender. This is really about letting go of emotional obstacles that have prevented full participation in life. The high end of Pisces and Neptune is the desire for full awareness and greater conscious perception. It invites us to slow down the mind and listen carefully to our inner guidance. If you're aware of this need, this eclipse can help you access information and insight from higher conscious states.

When we perceive more, we feel more. The more aware we are of our reality, the more we can experience. Higher consciousness comes with a price. It requires that we sacrifice ignorance and comforting illusions. That’s not something a lot of people are willing to do. That brings us to the low end of these archetypes, which are very likely to manifest if we’re not aware of what’s happening. Overburdened by sensitivity, we may seek to escape from the intensity of the moment. This is why Pisces and Neptune are so often associated with escapism to addicting drugs, alcohol, or Netflix binges. 

The dark end of Neptunian escapism is not the same as needing something to dull the discomfort that is a part of us. It’s the addiction to escapism that becomes the problem because it disconnects us from ourselves and others. And typically behind our desire to escape is anxiety which is rooted in fear. Take this moment to truly get in touch with those fears. Instead of ignoring or numbing out the anxiety, use this eclipse as an opportunity to begin a dialogue with it. Talk to your fear and pain, and choose to sit with it. Ask yourself what you need to move on. Use this powerful eclipse to transcend in a positive way. It carries a lot of creative, spiritual, and visionary potential. 

Mars is approaching a conjunction with Uranus and Eris in Aries in opposition to Jupiter. This dynamic conjunction is about taking initiative. It can help you to step up and take a stand somewhere in your life. Mars, Uranus, Eris, and Jupiter also correlate with strong rebellious impulses, which we can use in different ways. Consider what, if anything, you want to liberate yourself from. Mars and Uranus can help give you the courage to take off in a new direction. Consider that only you know what’s really best for yourself. Honor that reality, and when you’re ready, you can take a more active part in directing your life. This New Moon/eclipse might bring up some uncomfortable things, but it can also help you break through to a new level of perception and inclusiveness. Both miracles and nightmares await you here. It takes a certain level of awareness to see that both ends of that spectrum are a part of what we call the universe.

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