Full Moon Capricorn 2015

Fear and Love: Full Moon in Capricorn 2015

An artist's impression of Pluto and its moon Charon; Pat Rawlings/NASA.

Full Moon @ 9 Capricorn 55'
July 1, 2015
10:20 PM Eastern
7:20 PM Pacific

The current lunar cycle culminates in the tropical sign of Capricorn. As the Moon waxes to its opposition to the Sun, it will be applying to a conjunction with Pluto and will have just passed an opposition to Mars. Here the Moon illuminates the heart of darkness, as Pluto symbolizes the gateway to the ego-dystonic realm—the threshold beyond ego and self-identification. As this Full Moon culminates, you’re invited to get a little bit serious about something in your life. Perhaps, you will find yourself focused on a specific task or mission—one that requires that you transcend your own ego based needs to consider your influence upon others or the collective.

We each come into this life with a purpose. For some of us, that purpose is beyond simply making our way in the world. For some of us, our purpose is to contribute something to the larger community in a way that will impact the whole of humanity, not just our individual lives. Pluto reminds us of this. We are not only here to work out our karma, but we are here to serve the greater human tribe. Capricorn teaches us about the necessity of solitude and focused concentration to achieve any great work. The Full Moon in Capricorn brings to culmination a dynamic endpoint or goal that we may feel compelled to accomplish.

Capricorn doesn’t take shortcuts or the easy path. To master a Capricorn mission, you must apply yourself, and that may be difficult and challenging. Pluto connects us to a place within the psyche that holds deeply embedded karmic memories—the experiences we have brought with us throughout our many lifetimes. As the Full Moon illuminates this terrain, it equally illuminates the dynamics within our lives that we may not fully understand from this lifetime alone. Sometimes the choices we make, and the people involved, stem from something our soul had decided to do a long time ago. This Full Moon not only brings about a deep awareness of our responsibility to the community, but it also brings about an impetus to do something about it. This Full Moon is as much about action as it is about awareness. And that action is likely to involve some hard work, commitment, and dedication. 

However, with Saturn retrograde ruling this Full Moon, we are likely to take action in ways that restructure an existing plan or system. Are you ready for it? Can you handle the path that lies ahead of you? You must go within and truly connect authentically so that you can realistically assess your capabilities. The separating conjunction of Venus and Jupiter in Leo adds a bit of enthusiasm and lightness to this otherwise heavy Full Moon. These two planets in Leo remind us that hard work must be equally accompanied by a healthy balance of focused commitment and play. While you face whatever mission you have chosen to endure, don’t lose sight of your basic human nature. Pleasure, joy, and laughter still have a place in all this serious business. Our great work may require some sacrifice, but our true purpose should feed our soul and fill our lives with bliss. If you’re not experiencing that, then you may need to reconsider what you’re really here to do and why.

Any depression, emptiness, or fear that accompanies this Full Moon is the existential biofeedback emanating from your soul. Your soul is calling you now. It is calling you to take a moment and look within yourself and realistically assess the path you're embarking on. That may require a difficult, hard look at reality, but remember that you are always being guided by the natural processes of the body and the world around you. Some part of the universe wants you to succeed, and some part of the universe equally wants you to fail. Which one will be your guide? Sometimes it’s as simple (and difficult) as a choice between fear and love. A wise person once told me, when given a choice between comfort and passion, choose passion. And that has served me well. Choose the passion that compels you to live your life to its highest potential. While life is anything but easy, it’s in the tension and struggle that we truly know we are alive. 

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