Full Moon In Libra Astrology

Full Moon In Libra 2012

Full Moon @ 17 degrees Libra 23'
April 06, 2012
3:19 PM Eastern
12:19 PM Pacific

The Full Moon in Libra sheds light upon the mirror images in the world around us, and we are invited to see that "out there" is a reflection is whats "in here", within us. Illumination of the other, of relationship--allows us to glimpse more deeply into ourselves, and to see that we are all connected, and inevitably, dependent upon each other in one way or another. This antithetical impulse to the New Moon in Aries, allows a balancing of intense self interest and revision toward a greater awareness and perspective of our impact upon the external environment, as well as our place within the larger scheme of things. Further amplifying this Full Moon is the fact that it's the first Super Moon of the year. A Super  Moon is when the Moon is at Perigee, and thus at its closest approach to the Earth. The Moon is also syzygy, which means that it is in line with the Sun and Earth--together, these exponentially enhance the already powerful nature of a Full Moon, amplifying its effects physically, emotionally, and psychologically.

With this powerful illumination in the sign of Libra, we may feel the urge to create more balance and equanimity. Less tolerant of any imbalances within ourselves and the outside world, we are likely to figure out how more harmony can be created all around. In fact, it is likely that this Full Moon marks a period of greater homeostasis within many facets of our being--within events, our bodies, and our minds--especially with the end of Mercury's retrograde period (April 4th). With the closing of this cycle, and the culmination of the Full Moon, we may feel drawn toward finishing up projects or plans--a phase which has us tying up loose ends in whatever process we've been involved in. At the New Moon in Aries, time was immensely sped up, and we may have felt rushed and impulsed toward some specific action or goal--perhaps out of a sense of mission or desperation. This impulsive energy is likely to have very much culminated and slowed down by now, allowing for time to relax a bit more, and gain some perspective. Since the Moon is Full, it will also be waning, and allowing a process of letting go and releasing of all that has been accumulated.  Perhaps we find ourselves letting go of a limited perception of reality, allowing more into our awareness by seeing another perspective. This other perspective could also potentially alter our self image, outer appearance, or persona.

There is quite a bit of interesting activity within the horoscope for this lunation, many of which could be potentially conflicting--and thus much of the potential harmony desired could be muddled by a multiplicity of options popping up all at once--such as feeling unsure of where to go, what to pick, or where to stand. Venus has just recently moved into Gemini, as of April 3rd, and is currently approaching the South Node of the Moon. Venus will be in Gemini for four months, as she undergoes her retrograde phase this May. In the Full Moon horoscope, we see Venus in a wide conjunction with the South Node, and involved in a heavy T-square with Neptune in Pisces, and Mars retrograde in Virgo. The square between Venus and Mars, which both rule the axis of this Full Moon, shows that there is an inherent conflict between action and passivity, male and female, and doing versus being. With any conflict, however, comes the opportunity for resolution--meaning a subsequent balancing of these two constructs within ourselves. This is a time where many changes can be made, but mostly internally, and for the most part, through an active surrender to the whims of the cosmos.

These symbols echo a sense of potentially feeling paralyzed and possibly frozen by mental uncertainty, which is usually accompanied by fear, worry, confusion, or despair. Often these feelings arise because we are unsure of what to do, or which path to ultimately take. Perhaps such burden of decision does not always rely upon the individual, and his or her personal will. Such a dilemma arises because one still clings to the illusion of control, and has succumb to making concrete, the symbol of the will. Thankfully, the fate of our lives or others, and the universe itself--do not lie solely in our hands alone, nor should we feel fully responsible for everything around us. Our responsibility lies with ourselves, with our own personal growth and development. The mirror around us indeed reflects this internal state and progress, but it is not dependent on us and our evolution--it is simply apart of it, and in accord with this unfolding. It is in one's ability to surrender the illusion of control, that is, surrender the fear, worry, despair, or confusion by letting go of the need to "figure it all out" or to "make the right choice", that we find relief from such a conflict. In the end, all is but the moment, which aside from any judgements, just is what it is--and our perception merely makes it good or bad.

Look around now, carefully, take a glimpse into the shadows which are reflected in your relations--whatever or whomever you associate with. As I've mentioned in previous articles, especially the New Moon reading, the collective energy is currently dealing with a lot of past issues and residues. This allows a natural cycle for the processing of karma and the transformation of stagnate energies. This is a prudent time to keep an open mind to new and hidden possibilities, especially things we've left behind or put aside. The Full Moon makes a Sesquiqudrate to both Venus and Neptune, and Mars makes a Sesquiqudrate to the Sun in Aries conjunct Vesta. All of these energies combined, open a doorway to the spontaneous, the unexpected, and especially the unknown. It is natural to feel uncertain with these signatures, especially since they can be so unpredictable in their nature. The energetic momentum from this Full Moon can drastically alter many things within us, shaking things up and moving us into completely unique directions. Taking the road less traveled now will likely make all the difference--or at least help break up the hum drum a bit.

The best antidote to any sense of paralyzed inaction, is to simply open up to an alternate perspective, and to try something else--embrace new information and ideas. This would also be a good time to experiment with learning to control the mind, such as through conscious breathing or meditation. Mars turns direct on April 13th, and it will slowly pick up speed from that point onward. This a good time to take a deep breath, relax, and integrate.Whatever stagnation, setbacks, delays, etc are likely to begin clearing up slowly now, and there will be more gradual flow and forward movement in the coming weeks (especially around April 13-16th)--this Full Moon marks a juncture of  intense transition. This Full Moon is a segway toward more productivity and activity, even though that may not seem or feel available at this time. Mars will be stationing in opposition to Neptune throughout the month of April--which could still flood the collective with a bit of an energy drain, as well as a feeling of being surrounded by fog. The fog will clear, it always does--so the lesson right now seems to be that, while we find ourselves in this dimension, we are certainly bound by the law and order of the universe--and sometimes, it's best to learn and follow the rules of the game. As human beings we are not invincible--our strength comes from systems and structures which have existed long before we got here.

The Sabian symbol for the Full Moon reads: Two Men under house arrest

The symbol for the Sun's position reads: An empty hammock.

The two men under house arrest aren't going anywhere anytime soon--it seems they have a bit to think about and ponder. Being under arrest implies that one is being held against their will, in a way, being forced into a phase of retreat away from society. This is the same as being put into "time out" when we're kids--hmm I guess not much changes when we "grow up". Children, in American culture at least, are often sent to their rooms, or told to sit in a corner and "think about what they've done". The ideal would be for the individual to somehow reform themselves, and have some sort of realization about their actions--thus resulting in change. "Thinking about what we've done" usually doesn't solve much--in fact it usually makes things worse. Perhaps a more productive admonition would be to go sit in a corner and meditate--and thus get rid of the thinking all together. House arrest is probably more preferable than actually going to jail. This symbol suggests a period of isolation within familiar surroundings, within one's own space. A Hammock is a place of rest and relaxation--it recalls images of nature, since hammocks are usually put up between two trees. An empty hammock isn't being used, perhaps suggesting the need for one to take a break. Both of these symbols speak of a standstill, a time of rest, recovery, isolation, and reformation. Things to ponder.

 Significant Events:

April 3- Venus Enters Gemini
April 4- Mercury Stationary Direct
April 7- Venus square Mars
April 10- Pluto Stationary Retrograde
April 13- Mars Starionary Direct
April 16- Mercury re-enters Aries
April 19- Sun Enters Taurus 
April 21- New Moon In Taurus