Full Moon January 2014

You Eat Me, I Eat You: Full Moon In Cancer 2014

Lilith by John Collier. Via
Wikimedia Commons.
Full Moon @ 25 Cancer 58'
January 15, 2014
8:51 PM Pacific
11:51 PM Eastern

This month's lunar climax (Full Moon) occurs in the protective, nostalgic and security seeking sign of Cancer while the Sun lies in opposition in Capricorn. Allow me to emphasize the climactic nature of this Full Moon, since the "Black Moon" Lilith so closely conjoins this illumined and yet obscure Moon.

A heightened sense of desire, sensual or food related, may become greatly amplified by the presence of Lilith. A desire for security, comfort and protection is equally strong (Cancer). Lilith is not really a planet or a Moon in the physical sense; she is a phantom she-devil, subjugated to the unseen and mysterious cavern of the unconscious.

Lilith invokes desire, not like Mars or Venus, but rather she awakens our hidden, suppressed primal urges that scream for inclusion, awareness and replenishment. Lilith is an astral contagion who, like all of us, requires nourishment through the act of incessant feeding.

To feed Lilith is to generate a two way street of pleasure. In a way, it is a mutual sharing of orgasmic forces which generate a highly desirable astral "food-stuff", a pleasure filled ectoplasm fit for fourth density consumption.

We are human with human desires. While the mastery of desire is the noble pursuit of the aesthetic, most of us cannot simply deny our bodily cravings without some intense psychic repercussions. In that sense, Lilith can become a symbol of anger, rage and frustration reflecting our refusal to acknowledge and find equanimity between our ideals and our desires.

Yet, to constantly respond to bodily cravings is the pathway to addiction. In a sense, Lilith can assist the psyche in discovering that ability to consciously and cooperatively work with that which we subjugate and reject because we fear its power and its ability to overpower the psyche to such an extent that we lose all control.

Astronomically, Lilith is a mathematically contrived point, the 'mean' position of the lunar apogee. That is, the point along the Moon's semi-elliptical orbit that is the furthest from the Earth, even when the Moon isn't actually there [a diagram would probably be more helpful to visualize]. There is also an asteroid by the name of Lilith, as well as several other means of calculation.

This hypothetical point we find conjoining this Full Moon is more unanimously accepted among astrologers as the most potent symbol of the Lilith archetype. The patronized mythos of Lilith designates her as the "first Eve", who refused to submit to male dominance and authority. While having sex with Adam, she always wanted to be on top, which led (I imagine) to frustrating power struggles between the nascent couple.

Horoscope of Full Moon January 15, 2014. The Moon in Cancer naturally
opposes the Sun, conjoins Lilith, and squares Mars, Vesta and Ceres. 

Eventually, Lilith was fed up with the whole thing and fled her paradisaical abode and wound up having sex with demons (who may have liked to bottom and were probably a little kinky), producing demon children by the Red Sea. Legends described Lilith as a demon goddess who seduced men in their sleep, resulting in nocturnal emissions. She was also described as an entity that abducted children and babies from their beds, sometimes killing (or eating?) them.

Much later Christian versions of Lilith described her as a succubi, which has many similarities to our modern alien abduction mythology. Well, one thing is clear: Lilith is one feisty bitch. Lilith can represent a place of insatiable hunger (desire), that requires healthy outlet and expression, which could otherwise result in messy, sticky wet-dreams.

While it's not recommended to always scratch every itch (which for the meth-addict can lead to a rather unpleasant complexion), to constantly ignore that itch will eventually drive you mad. So, occasionally it's okay to scratch; it provides relief. But also, there may be some deeper reasons underlying the source of that hunger, which we may choose to explore in psychotherapy (talk to Pluto).

With the Sun, naturally in opposition in Capricorn and with Mars, Vesta and Ceres square this lunation, there is some obvious tension and a potential point of reconciliation. Sometimes what may be "bad" for us most of the time, is good for us some of the time. Sometimes our perception of what's "bad" is merely a delusional social ideal and taboo that needs to be seriously questioned.

The line between nourishment and pleasure becomes blurred here, where what is nourishing most of the time, can become restricting, thereby suffocating our sensual and creative potential. To consciously work with Lilith is to dance in the darkness uninhibited--wild and free. To play with Lilith is to shed those shackles momentarily and to feed the unseen, while conscious that the risk of losing control lies in the shadows.

To find that balance between noble aesthetic pursuits and untamed libidinal urges is a challenge. To allow the whole world its unique and specific form of nourishment takes incredible consciousness. But down here this low on the dimensional totem pole, we all eat each other. Life is an orgy of replenishment so don't pretend it's anything otherwise, you're only fooling yourself.