Full Moon July 2012

Full Moon In Capricorn 2012

Full Moon @ 12 degrees Capricorn 14'
July 3, 2012
2:52 PM Eastern
11:52 AM Pacific

This month's Full Moon occurs in the tropical sign of Capricorn, closely conjunct that heavy and powerful god of the underworld, Pluto. This brings some dynamic attention to the Uranus/Pallas and Pluto square, which became exact last Sunday. This Full Moon brings a powerful urge to create big changes, to shift gears, and to restructure things in entirely new ways--it also brings a steadfast pursuit of truth--a tearing to the heart of things to find out what's really going on. The sign of Capricorn is usually quite determined to reach its goals, and with this configuration in the mix, it finds itself more rebellious than usual, and less tolerant of the "status quo". At the same time, all this energy fully supports that bottom line--cutting through all the crap to get to what's real. Be mindful of power tripping, pessimism, coldness, harshness, and simply rebelling for the heck of it--without any consideration of the bigger picture.

Mars finally enters Libra the day of the Full Moon, drawing more energy into the Cardinal Axis--and we are likely to feel slightly more momentum and energy going, as Mars moves out of Virgo, the sign of its retrograde cycle. While this is a much welcome change, Mars still isn't entirely comfortable in Libra, the sign of its traditional detriment--which really means that, impulsions to jump forward must contend with the concessions of others. While Mars is in Libra, there is more requirement for feedback, permission, and alternate perspectives--which requires a lot more negotiation and compromise than usual. Blazing trails these days may not work out so well for the lone wolf, so keep your mind open to the possibility for more co-creative ventures. Also, don't forget that we're currently in the midst of Mercury's retrograde shadow, with the actual retrograde beginning July 14th. So, in other words, don't fret about making those big decisions right now, even if it feels as if there's some heavy deadline to meet--because, for the most part, that urgency probably isn't what you think it is.

Another useful tip: Don't take yourself, or anything too seriously for the next few weeks--a lighter and more humorous apporoach will make things a lot more easier for everyone involved. Life is to be experienced--sometimes enjoyed, yes, but never really endured--ideally anyway. The Sabian symbol for the Full Moon reads:

"A fire worshipper" (13 Capricorn)

And, for the opposing degree of the Sun:

"One hand slightly flexed with a very prominent thumb" (13 Cancer)