Full Moon October 2019

Feeling the Heat: Full Moon in Aries 2019

Arches National Park [Public domain]

Arches National Park [Public domain]

Full Moon @ 12 Aries 54'

October 12, 2019

11:34 PM Los Angeles

2:34 PM New York

7:34 AM London

2:34 PM Beijing

5:34 PM Sydney

With a Full Moon in tropical Aries trine Jupiter in Sagittarius, there is some heat inherent to this lunation. We also can't forget Aries' cardinal nature. A cardinal, fire Full Moon can feel rather dynamic and assertive, leading to an amplification of impulsivity, brashness, and aggression. Yet, Mars, the Full Moon ruler, is in Libra, and thus not as warrior-like as it would like to be. There may be a theme around the Full Moon of having to tone down passion or intensity for the sake of diplomacy.

Jupiter's trine also amps up the enthusiasm, so be mindful of spontaneous leaps or letting instincts call the shots. Mars in Libra requires withholding immediacy for the sake of considering options, or at least another point of view. Likely the most daunting dimension of this Full Moon is the t-square formation involving Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn. Pluto/Saturn is a heavy background theme that can feel like a collective, "conservative contraction," as Richard Tarnas coined it.

We can utilize this to empower a personal strategy for narrowing our focus and stepping up our efforts towards the accomplishment of serious goals. Hitting the Full Moon axis pretty hard, Pluto/Saturn adds a sobering jab from reality. Pluto especially, since it squares the Full Moon more closely, can bring up hard-to-integrate (or swallow) truths or perspectives. And balancing the Aries/Libra polarity requires a delicate dance of reciprocity between two parties.

If anything, this Full Moon can correlate with a catalyzing breaking point/resolution in a relationship, conflict, conversation, or negotiation. Consider also, Venus' waning opposition to Uranus. Combined with the Full Moon in Aries, and the Mars in Libra/relational theme, there may also be a sense of restlessness and subsequent desire to branch out and make new connections. Uranus' sudden unpredictability can rapidly dissolve relational stagnations. Yet, remember the dance of reciprocity, so check-in to clarify that everyone is on the same page.