Full Moon in Gemini 2015

Surrender to the Unfamiliar: Full Moon in Gemini 2015

Lenticular clouds over Mount Hotaka; photo by Alpsdake via Wikimedia Commons.

Full Moon @ 03 Gemini 20'
November 25, 2015
2:44 PM Pacific
5:44 Eastern

As always, the Full Moon correlates to a moment of heightened energy and culmination within the collective psyche. In tropical Gemini, the Full Moon highlights the field of collective perceptual awareness and the emergence of information pertaining to the environment around you. The planet Mercury has an archetypal affinity with Gemini and stands in opposition (180 degrees from the Full Moon) along with Saturn and the Sun in Sagittarius. Mercury in Sagittarius emphasizes the need to acquire a different communicative or research strategy—to acquire a larger or alien perspective or viewpoint.

This means that alongside this Full Moon, you need to think outside your usual frame of reference. With Mercury in the sign of its detriment (the sign opposite its sign of rulership) joining Saturn and square Neptune in Pisces, this Full Moon feels a bit tense and potentially uncomfortable. It requires stepping out of your comfort zone to successfully integrate the polarity of Sun and Moon (knowledge vs. faith). It challenges your beliefs and your faith in what you know about life, the world, and the universe you exist within. Neptune’s participation in this Full Moon represents the dissolution of spiritual, religious, or philosophical structures, revealing their limitations in fully describing the ultimate meaning of existence.

With the heavy emphasis in Sagittarius, you may be urged by this Full Moon to first open your mind and expand your reality in some way through the acquisition of new information and foreign perspectives. That may come about through a desire to break up a routine or communicative approach that you’ve been used to. Whatever emerges into consciousness with this Full Moon requires a mature and responsible attitude as well as a willingness to include the reality of those who think differently or who come from an entirely different cultural background. If you manage to keep an open mind and humble attitude, this Full Moon could signify a moment of subtle breakthrough and deep connection to an experience that is larger than you alone.

In its lower, demonic expression, the most dangerous attitude would be an attachment to any sense of certainty. Dogma and fundamentalism would also be a lower expression of this Full Moon. Since this lunation occurs just a day before the Thanksgiving holiday here in the United States, we can imagine the potential arguments over the dinner table pertaining to religion, politics, or cultural or ethnic differences (likely fueled by current events and hot topics). Those arguments could lead to breakthroughs beyond the disillusionment, but Neptune can also impulse one to avoid facing the truth or reality of a situation through escapism—over indulgence in alcohol or simply numbing out in front of the television.

In its highest, angelic expression, Neptune invites us gently to the realization that all of our differences are ultimately illusions which stem from the ultimate illusion of our separation from source (god, goddess, and oneness). Keep that in mind as you encounter this Full Moon. Ask yourself how you can let go of your illusionary certainty and self-righteousness to include the perceptions most threatening to you. Take the initiative to see past the façade of the reality before you. This is a moment to surrender to an experience that may be different, foreign or uncomfortable, but the insight and awareness gained has the power to enhance your understanding of the world and your place within it. 

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