Full Moon in Libra 2018

Working it Out: Full Moon in Libra 2018

Lighting in Dallas, TX; from NOAA Photo Library via Wikimedia Commons.

Lighting in Dallas, TX; from NOAA Photo Library via Wikimedia Commons.

Full Moon @ 10 Libra 45'

March 31, 2018

5:38 AM Los Angeles

8:39 AM New York

1:38 PM London

4:38 PM Dubai

8:38 PM Beijing

11:38 PM Sydney

April 1, 2018

1:38 AM Auckland

This month’s Full Moon culminates in the tropical sign of Libra, bringing to a head relationship issues, matters about agreements between ourselves and others. The sign of Libra seeks peace, compromise, and agreement. But a hard square aspect of the building Mars and Saturn conjunction (exact April 2/3 in Capricorn) to the Full Moon axis, presents some challenges and conflicts. And Mercury retrograde, which opposes the Full Moon from Aries and conjunct the Sun, brings our attention dynamically to the unresolved past. `

This Full Moon is a difficult integration, but it can be utilized to work through building tensions, frustrations, or disagreements in our relationships. Every Full Moon correlates with conclusion, breakthrough, or crisis. In its positive potential, this lunation can bring several issues out into the open, allowing us to articulate ourselves to others and speak up about things unaddressed. Mercury, still retrograde for another two weeks, suggests that we give ourselves extra time to process material presented by this Full Moon, and work to make adjustments and alterations which can be more decisively implemented after the New Moon April 15/16. 

The major challenge of this Full Moon lies in Libra’s tendency to avoid confrontation and conflict. As the Moon reaches its climax in this sign, it amplifies the collective need to make peace, forgive, and forget. However, Mars and Saturn suggest that no matter how well you might want to “just get along,” differences between people still require resolution and acknowledgment. Saturn’s need for growth, maturity, and consistent effort places some uncomfortable tension on relationships which require a realistic assessment. And Mars conjunct Saturn can accentuate striking disparities between people. 

A lack of harmonious aspects to this Full Moon suggests that no matter how uncomfortable, relational problems will need addressing. Sometimes, fixing the problem isn’t really the objective, but rather discussing and negotiating boundaries can be more efficient, allowing each party to accept and understand the limitations inherent in the relationship itself. For some, this Full Moon can correlate with a breaking point, where enough is enough and it’s time to change how they relate to specific people or make changes in their agreements. For others, this may be a critical point at which they push through limitations and obstacles preventing a more harmonious flow of giving and take. 

And as applicable to other life issues, this Full Moon can help us find more balance in our life, but only through an acceptance of responsibility and the hard work needed to make peace a possibility. Mercury’s retrograde opposition to the Full Moon gives us an opportunity to see our relating patterns from a new perspective and gives us time to actively make revisions or reconsider the places occupied by some people in our lives. But no matter what arises with this Full Moon, Libra’s emphasis on empathy and ability to accept paradox gives each of us the power to understand another’s perspective, no matter how hard that might be. This lunation is a powerful reminder that all relationships require work, and both sides need to make an effort to make things flow the best they can. 

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