Full Moon in Pisces 2017

Into the Cosmic Womb: Full Moon in Pisces 2017

Moray (Incan ruin) in Peru; photo by Jenine Schirtzer, March 2016. 

Moray (Incan ruin) in Peru; photo by Jenine Schirtzer, March 2016. 

Full Moon @ 13 degrees Pisces 53' 

September 6, 2017

12:04 AM Los Angeles 

3:04 AM New York

3:05 PM Hong Kong

8:04 AM London 

5:04 AM Sydney

7:04 PM Auckland 

This Full Moon in Pisces, conjunct Neptune, contributes some highly unusual energy to the current mix (if that hasn’t already been in the air during the past eclipse season). All Full Moon’s symbolize the culmination or completion of things we’ve been developing or working towards. With this Full Moon, the results of our efforts aren’t likely to be so obvious since Neptune is so often amorphous and ambiguous. It’s likely that many things that come to your attention will be difficult to discern or figure out. That’s because any results or completed processes that emerge now are not as concrete as you might want or expect them to be. But Saturn’s wide square to this Full Moon will add some pressure to make our work more tangible and evident. In its positive expression, this Pisces Full Moon can bring you insight and inspiration. It can symbolize the emergence of awareness, realizations, and experiences which can greatly expand consciousness.

While Full Moon’s are typically more energetic, this Full Moon offers us a chance to actually step back and take a look at things from a different vantage point. Depending on its house location in your chart, that might require actually taking some time out to meditate, reflect, or otherwise take it easier than you normally would around a Full Moon. Mercury is still slogging along after its retrograde cycle, and with the accelerated pace of eclipse season behind us, this probably isn’t the best time to jump right into new projects or throw ourselves blindly into things without careful assessment. Especially if anything really enticing is offered to you right now, take your time in figuring out its validity and efficacy for your life. The negative face of this Full Moon is escapism, delusion, and utter confusion. That means that a lot of hype will be floating around all over the place and it would be wise not to get caught up in it.

Neptune and Pisces are archetypes that can blind us but equally liberate us. It all depends on how willing you are to do the necessary work to see beyond the facades presented to you in the moment. The same applies to yourself and what you’re projecting or how you’re representing yourself. Overall, this is an incredibly spiritually focused and creatively inspiring Full Moon. It can bring about massive collective bonding and public displays of selfless giving and compassion. It can also feel incredibly emotional, amplifying empathy and an awareness of the interconnectivity of all beings on this planet. Saturn’s wide square to the Full Moon, however, helps us to bring any numinous or otherworldly insights into a realistic perspective. Saturn challenges us to bring the results of our creative/artistic/spiritual works down to earth.

Collectively, this Full Moon projects the now dissipating Saturn/Neptune square on to the world stage. That generates an atmosphere around the world that feels divisive and disillusioned--with a vagueness and uncertainty about the future. Saturn and Neptune coming into conflict can often pit the rational against the irrational, or blur the lines between the two. That results in the manifestation of events that are seemingly quite preternatural; it can be difficult to understand how the current state of affairs ever happened. Yet, while there is much division going on globally, this Full Moon actually has the power to pull a lot of things together (globally and in our own lives) that previously seemed incompatible. This fusion of disparity can help us find hope where we only saw emptiness and confusion. If you glimpse anything with this lunation, glimpse the truth that something bigger is guiding the show, even if we forget that sometimes. We all come from the same cosmic womb, and we’ll all return to it just the same.


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