Gemini Full Moon 2013

Full Moon in Gemini 2013: Listen to the Crumbling Tower

The Tower tarot card from Aliester
Crowley's Thoth Tarot deck. 
Full Moon @ 25 Gemini 36'
December 17, 2013
1:28 AM Pacific
4:28 AM Eastern

This month’s full moon occurs in the mentally energized sign of Gemini. As if time wasn’t already whizzing by fast enough; a culminating full moon in this cerebrally speedy zodiac sign can further enhance that feeling of intense time acceleration.

On the other end of the spectrum sits the Sun and its close companion Mercury in the sign of Sagittarius. Of special significance is the fact that the Sun additionally sits close to the galactic center—a super massive black hole at the epicenter of our milky-way galaxy.

So, while the illusionary perception of time is emphasized here, there is a space of timelessness opening with this full moon as well. That’s a bit of a contradiction; but imagine buzzing by so fast, quicker and quicker until suddenly, a boiling point is reached and something pops.

And in that instant, there’s a sense of suspended animation while timelessness shrouds consciousness. It’s a beautiful, all-encompassing moment. The Gemini/Sagittarius polarity is all about that delicate balance of rational and irrational, factual and abstract.

Gemini seeks to construct a logical framework of what reality really is. The catch is that it never fully understands it because reality is truly beyond complete comprehension. We fashion theories based on our perceptions of how things actually work. But our theories are always ultimately flawed, because our perceptions are ultimately limited and finite.

So, things aren't ever what they appear to be. Collectively we have accepted theories about how nature works and functions. But one day, those beautifully crafted and carefully constructed ideas will come crumbling down.

Eventually our ideological tower collapses. We’re left with a shocking and jostling revelation. Another layer of the onion has unfolded revealing yet another enticing perception of the truth. And so it just goes on and on.

None of what we think or believe is ever how things actually are. We can greatly humble ourselves by embracing this truth. But each theory, idea or perception is important. It’s part of a seemingly endless evolutionary process [or maybe that’s just how we currently perceive it].

Each layer of the onion activates an awakening and blossoming of new awareness. With each unveiling further fueling our curiosity of what else there could be, what more we can attempt to comprehend? Gemini, in its full and healthy expression, is ever seeking to know and understand while filled with child-like awe and wonder.

Unhealthy Gemini clings to its petty little theories out of fear. A made-up mind is a closed mind. It has shut itself off from the bountiful, flowing revelations and mysteries of the universe.

The galactic core, a black hole, is something really beyond our comprehension.  Looming in opposition to this full Gemini Moon, the galactic core reminds us to continue seeking and exploring the great mysteries of the universe. But, in order to understand the curiosities of life, we must interact with it. Evolution requires active participation and engagement in the here and now.

What is culminating invites us to involve ourselves with it in some intentional and meaningful way.  The vibrant and stimulating energy that is emerging calls on us to engage and experiment unattached to any particular end result or outcome.  

A new awareness and reality waits. Pay attention, because this solar/lunar conjunction is a momentary and fleeting event. Keep your mind and awareness open to signals that you don’t usually perceive. Something revelatory is floating in the wind. You just have to listen.