Gemini New Moon 2013

Easy Does It: New Moon In Gemini (June 8, 2013)

"How long can the average mind think about one thing--one thing only, without slipping first into thinking about thinking about that thing and taking off from there on a senseless chain of irrelevancies? About three and a half seconds, psychologists tell us. Like a ping-pong ball, the mind will alight where its owner directs it, but only to take off immediately on a jittery flight of staccato bounces that are completely out of hand".
--Huston Smith (The Worlds Religions, pg. 48)

New Moon @ 18 degrees Gemini
June 8, 2013
8:58 AM Pacific
5:58 AM Eastern

The New Moon in Gemini brings it all "back on track", that is, we find ourselves on a more stable and steady course.  This is the first "normal" lunation beyond the eclipse passageway--whatever changes we've made, or allowed to happen within us, are solidifying and becoming a part of our daily reality. There's a strong division of planets with this lunation, creating a slight dichotomy between mind and emotions, thoughts and feelings, intuition and logic. The mind is extremely powerful, and yet the unconscious is growing stronger. So there's a bit of a conflict, and an array of inner voices all vying for our attention. The challenge is in deciding which one to listen to. This is no easy task because Gemini doesn't settle well with the ultimate truth; it wants it's cake and it's going to eat it too.

Mars in Gemini conjunct Pallas Athena squares Neptune in Pisces, creating a bit of friction between personal and divine will. There's the idea of what we're after, what we desire, and then there's this higher sense of purpose which we must acknowledge. What we think we want versus what we're "destined" to do. With the planets now migrating into Cancer, with the exception of Mars, the mind is going to be vacated soon--and so the message seems to be that we should go with our gut, which again, is no easy task. Why? Well, because we often confuse the gut for something else. The mind is rather sneaky, and pretty damn smart--it can, and often does, get in the way, posing as intuition and making a mess of things.

This lunation doesn't help much, since it pretty much amplifies all that mental chatter--but, one by one, several planets are creating a powerful and dynamic water grand trine with Neptune and Saturn. This creates a free flowing closed circuit of energy, equally amplifying our emotional and intuitive center. It requires that we tune out and check in, and it's going to take a little bit of effort to do this. That means intentionally shifting our attention from the incessant mental buzz towards the silence and clarity of the inner voice. Waiting patiently, this center of deep knowing will inform us through our feelings and impressions rather than judgment and logical analysis. Trust the process, because over the next several weeks it will be become much easier to turn inward and get clear. Mercury's retrograde through Cancer at the end of the month will actually help mitigate any confusion if we're completely receptive, so stay tuned.

For the time being, just flow with it. Maybe we don't need to have it all figured out, and that's okay. Impatience and frustration are usually signs that the ego is just trying to control it all. As always, it's attempts are futile. See that there is really no difference between your will and divine will, they are one and the same. Become a vessel for a higher omnipotent force--it is within you and it is speaking quite loudly. Practice mindfulness; make every moment a meditation. Are you breathing? Are you focused? When the mind is quiet and obedient to the higher will, it is really quite an astonishing and functional machine. Beautiful things can happen. Everyone can really get along after all--no crisis at all. So allow yourself to sample some things, try it all out, because the energy is really supportive of this. With each option you explore listen to your gut feeling about it and whether it resonates or not. Once you've established that, let the mind have at it.

Sabian symbol: A large archaic volume

Conscious travels; much love.