Gemini New Moon 2016

Open Your Heart and Listen: New Moon in Gemini 2016

Elder blossoms in bloom; Jonathan Billinger [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Elder blossoms in bloom; Jonathan Billinger [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

New Moon @ 14 Gemini 53'
June 4, 2016
10:59 PM Eastern
7:59 PM Pacific

At the heart of Gemini, is the pursuit of new information and the sharing, dispensing, and endless questioning of that information. This month’s New Moon occurs in tropical Gemini. It’s also in the cross-hairs of some serious tension! First off, the New Moon conjoins the planet Venus--a potent symbol for relationships (in the romantic and platonic contexts). All relationships need to grow and change. But you may find that at this New Moon, the seeds of considerable change are being planted. And this is likely to emerge in your most personal encounters with others.

The thing about a New Moon is that it is hidden. If you were to go out in the sky and look for the Moon, you wouldn't see it.  And ditto with Venus here. Something is happening in your heart and relationships that you can’t see right now. It’s there, you know it’s there, but it’s not palpable or real yet. This is a moment of transition.You can only sense it--like a ghostly presence upon you. The planet Saturn, in Sagittarius, makes an opposition to the New Moon.

What you might notice is that a new way of communicating with others is needed now. Perhaps you feel you have outgrown your response to those closest to you. Or perhaps,  you need a new language to effectively express yourself fully. To compound the tension, Neptune and Jupiter both sit in opposition to each other (180 degrees apart) and both planets hit the New Moon and Saturn at a 90-degree angle (a square). So what we’re looking at here is a grand cross. 

The cross is a symbol often associated with sacrifice and resurrection. In astrology, we recognize the “cross of matter”--essentially the birth chart itself. This is the intersection point between the spiritual and material. A grand cross can feel like an impossible and irresolvable crisis. Neptune adds an otherworldly dimension to this New Moon, or a desire to escape to avoid resolving any tension you may feel within yourself. And Jupiter opens opportunities for personal growth and extending assistance to others.

Acting out this New Moon negatively might result in trying to force your vision or version of the truth onto others or the world in some way. It might also look like losing yourself in some cause or movement in an attempt to avoid facing the reality of personal and existential uncertainty. It might look like giving others unsolicited advice or trying to save someone from what you might perceive to be a threat. But  all saviors are tricksters. The savior unwittingly ushers in a new paradigm through accident and happenstance. And beyond salvation, is transformation. What should you do with this New Moon tension? 

Maybe you choose to open your heart and simply listen. In fact, listening might be the best use of your time. And when you have listened enough, maybe discuss things openly, humbly, and authentically. Accept what you don’t know and remain open to new answers. Applied collectively, this New Moon is a powerful statement about needing to trust the great mystery. Sometimes, the solutions we seek arise all on their own, but only if we allow ourselves to go through the growing pain, the birth pain and the existential pain. And it’s in the midst of it, at the epicenter of crisis and unknowing that Jung once suggested, “that we know that we’re truly alive.” 

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