Gemini New Moon 2017

A New Voice: New Moon in Gemini 2017

Photo by Chad Woodward, 2017

Photo by Chad Woodward, 2017

New Moon @ 4 Gemini 47'

May 25, 2017

12:44 PM Pacific

3:44 PM Eastern

This month the lunar cycle renews itself in the tropical sign of Gemini. It should help break up some of the intensity of the last few weeks with the ending of Mercury’s retrograde cycle, it’s conjunction with Uranus, and the Full Moon in Scorpio. While the Gemini New Moon brings with it some buzziness, business, and need for stimulation, Mercury’s current transit in Taurus gives this New Moon a grounded, slower pace. As with every New Moon, it’s a time of lower energy and recharging ourselves. 

But no need to let laziness take hold, for Gemini stimulates curiosity, variety, and new activities, which you should pursue gently and mindfully. Look around for clues arising around and within you about what you could focus on to bring some new life and interest into your life. Feel free to step outside of your usual routines to seek something fresh and interesting. This is a good time to plant some seeds for improved communication in your interactions. The New Moon doesn’t make any dynamic or stressful aspects this cycle, but Mars and Saturn are building up to an opposition along with a Venus, Uranus, and Eris conjunction. 

Mars and Saturn make their opposition on May 28. Use this powerful energy to bring some ideas into concrete manifestation. The combination of Mars and Saturn isn’t easy to integrate, but the opposition can help clear the air of unresolved issues and communicative obstacles. Focus less on getting exactly what you want in the days following this New Moon, and put your energy instead into things that just really need to get done. This sobering aspect can also help us assert our needs in a dynamic way, but be mindful about how you present those needs to others.

There is a strong potential for this opposition to trigger people in a negative way. Be wary of your limitations and how much space you actually have to assert yourself in your environment. Overstepping boundaries will result in greater awareness of what’s resisting your efforts, but that awareness might come with some uncomfortable experiences. To avoid those pitfalls, follow your curiosity and look for ways to practically integrate these new lines of inquiry into your life within the boundaries of what’s possible. Pushing too hard will meet resistance, but not pushing at all can lead to pent up frustration and anger making a mess of things. 

Keep your eye on the prize and stick to some sound moral base, and you’ll find that Saturn and Mars will be excellent allies in getting some critical things accomplished. Venus, Uranus, and Eris make their conjunction on June 3. This can generate some restlessness in relationships, but it’s also a good time to create more space and freedom within any partnerships that limit your individual needs. With all of this Gemini energy so prevalent, communication is critically important now. So take this time to get the necessary information and data lined up. The next week will surely present some challenges in your interactions, but not meeting them will merely leave things the way they are while deep down you’ll know that some things really need to change. 

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