June New Moon 2012

New Moon In Gemini & Summer Solstice 2012

New Moon @ 28 degrees Gemini 43'
June 19, 2012
11:02 AM Eastern
8:02 AM Pacific

This is the second New Moon to occur in Gemini this year--the last was a Annular/Partial Solar Eclipse on May 20th. This New Moon also occurs just one day prior to the Summer Solstice, and so this reading will reflect the nature of both events--as the energies surrounding this New Moon will carry over for the next three months of the Summer season. The Gemini archetype is extremely active at this time, and we are likely feeling this impulse quite strongly. In addition, Jupiter is joining the party, moving into Gemini on June 11th. All of this activity in Gemini places immense emphasis on the mind, and each of us will respond to this influx in varying ways. We will likely feel more mental and or intellectual at this time, as this energy ignites our innate human curiosity and inquisitiveness--driving us deeper to understand the world that surrounds us. Traditionally, however, Jupiter is not quite at home in Gemini, the sign opposite its rulership--placing Jupiter in detriment. Jupiter is an explorer, it likes to expand and visualize, whereas Gemini and Mercury inherently attempt to confine and classify data and information to see how it can fit with a consistent picture or understanding of reality.

However, these two archetypes can work together. The Jupiter/Sagittarius archetypes reminds Gemini/Mercury that there is always more to the puzzle than the pieces right before it--essentially providing the fuel and impetus for its inherent inquisitiveness. Jupiter in Gemini allows for a freeing and liberation from the distortion that comes as a result of attaining a particular bias, opening the psyche to a greater awareness and viewpoint. When one is solely focused on certain pieces and fragments of a particular perception of reality, we can't quite see the forest for the trees. Jupiter in Gemini can allow for more input and more pieces to suddenly fall into our lap--but only if we're open to it. The more we cling to a limiting set of beliefs or ideas now--the more confusion and cloudiness is likely to creep in, and we can very much end up overtly idealizing things way out of proportion. This is a time for a greater perspective and understanding rooted in common sense and rationality. If you find yourself a bit flustered, or feeling anxious, just remind yourself to quit taking things so seriously--in fact, if there's one prominent feature to Gemini, it's a playful lightheartedness.

With the previous Gemini influx we've been experiencing, this New Moon in itself, allows for a greater digestion of input, and a means for exploring and experimenting with information. Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, is in Cancer square Saturn retrograde in Libra. We are challenged to feel our way through thoughts and ideas at this time, and to also become more receptive and open to input from others, which may very much challenge our sense of security and safety. This also allows for a powerful solidification of a stable knowledge base and foundation from which we can work and draw from in the future. Jupiter and Venus retrograde conjoin the South Node in Gemini--there is a strong reservoir of experience from the past that we can pull from now--in fact, this is likely a time where our memories and past lessons are playing a more prominent role in our current understanding.

Pay attention to your dreams, there is a lot of processing going on within the collective unconscious--this is tantamount to a collective mental purging--filtering and dumping out stored information. With Venus retrograde, many of our dreams could deal with people and places from our past--in this life or another--and this process has likely been quite noticeable for the past few weeks--and will likely continue throughout the Summer season. Jupiter and Venus retrograde on the nodal axis form a T-Square with Chiron in Pisces. Gemini is a sign of duality, and Venus deals with the Anima within, which is a Jungian term to describe the primordial female archetype. Chiron allows for a balancing and stabilizing of Anima and Animus--however, if negatively expressed, we can experience a confusion or crisis of sexual identity with these forces. Equally, this could allow for a stronger connection to the feminine and even masculine aspects of our being, to see where either of these two polarities are in imbalance and in need of integration. This could also provide the impetus to find hidden gifts within the parts of ourselves that we perceive to be flaws, wounds, or disowned constructs.

Another side to this energy is a strong feeling of uncertainty and indecisiveness--feeling pulled into two antithetical directions. This New Moon, and Summer solstice, provides a powerful opportunity to find a reconciliation and a greater clarity on a particular direction or viewpoint. The New Moon occurs at 28 degrees of Gemini, which makes this an Anaretic New Moon--which means that it occurs within the last two degrees of a sign. Prominent anaretic placements mean that "something is about to explode"--and this New Moon signifies a very significant shift and transitional type of energy. Obviously we can interpret this in many ways, and if this lunation conjoins a prominent natal placement in one's horoscope, there could be a powerful breakthrough or transformation as a result. Now, I'm not "into" politics--I pay attention to certain things going on, but I am not that invested emotionally or intellectually in the whole political side show. With that said, we can anticipate this Summer to be--well, quite interesting on the global political stage, and we can equally anticipate a lot of shifts and changes to take place.

For me, these signatures feel as if things are indefinitely changing in the way we perceive politics on a collective level. In the New Moon/Summer Solstice horoscope, we see Uranus and Pluto within minutes of a square (exact on June 24th). Everyone has been talking about this aspect, and I'm sure many of you are well aware of its nature, so I will spare repeating what it means too much here. This configuration has been historically shown to correlate with massive revolutionary uprisings which includes the whole arsenal of public protests and demonstrations. The root of this archetypal configuration is basically a collective obsession with "change", and if people are unable and unwilling to change and transform themselves, they will project it on to something or someone else. In my perception, the world stage is a reflection of our own psyches collectively, and in reality, what we don't like up there is equally within each of us. This Summer is likely to ignite and kick off the potential of this cyclic mingling between Uranus and Pluto--which will further expand and amplify many of the movements that have already emerged, such as Occupy Wallstreet, etc.

In the U.S. there is an upcoming election this November, and so logically this Summer is a prelude and transition to that event. In looking at the astrological configurations it is clear what the universe is saying: Things are not what they seem, and the old ways are not going to work anymore--we need to start looking deeper, and to apply more critical thinking if anything is ever going to change. Now we can all interpret that statement in our own way, and through our own personal bias and perception of reality. In my opinion, the whole template we've been working with is corroding--and I don't think change is going to take place within the current model we've been working with. We are being asked to explore new dimensions of existence and of being--and to throw out the old moldy ways of doing things. In looking back at the mid to late 1960's, we must understand that what happened then is not the solution now--it's outdated. The ideas and revelations which developed at that time need to be critically challenged and transformed--we must take things to the next level. Relying on the "good old days" just isn't going to work, and is not going to lead to effective change.

So what would that look like?Well, I'm not quite sure, I'll leave it up to the unfolding to figure it all out. All of these configurations lend quite well to a powerful creative potential--and it is this creative potential that is really a big theme to this New Moon and Summer Solstice. It's time to really think outside of the box, and to equally trust your feelings about new input and information, to discern what's really going to work, and what's just plain delusional. With Venus retrograde as a major player in all this, and with Jupiter in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces--there is a lot of idealism floating around, which can cloud common sense and judgement, or it can challenge the mind, popping it wide open to the influx of higher insight and creativity floating around in the ethers. Question everything now--Questions yourself, and most of all, question reality on all levels. This Summer holds the potential for a powerful spiritual and creative revolution of sorts, and there is a lot of potential energy ripe and ready to explode. Keep your mind wide open to new, innovative, and unusual ideas about life--this is a time to experiment, and to equally break out of rigid concretions.

Sabian Symbol

The New Moon occurs at 28 degrees Gemini:

"The first mockingbird of spring."

Here we get the sense of new beginnings, as spring brings with it new signs of life, and new potential for growth and development.  Equally, a mockingbird can actually mimic the songs and sounds of other birds, insects, and amphibians--which hints to the notion that what we perceive may not be what we think it is, or it may not originate from what we assume is the real deal. In another sense, this images asks us to deeply question our assumptions about what is or isn't possible. Perhaps one's goals are too lofty and idealistic--or perhaps too limiting, static, and confining. The mockingbird is a symbol of mutability, flexibility, and transformation. We also get the sense of taking on and playing a different role or persona, which allows for a critical adaptation to the surroundings of the environment. This symbol speaks to us of a new process in the works, and a powerful mutation within the day-to--day surroundings.

The Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice
June 20, 2012
4:09 PM Pacific
7:09 PM Eastern

As I stated above, the energies of the New Moon and Summer solstice will coalesce with each other. This Summer is going to be quite interesting in a collective sense, and there will likely be much going on politically, socially, culturally, and economically. The Sun, of course, sits at zero degrees of Cancer, but this year, it also conjoins three rather interesting midpoints: Mars/Pallas, Mercury/Venus, Mars/Uranus. The two midpoints involving Mars can lead to sudden and unexpected initiative and action, rooted in a strong desire for change. The asteroid Pallas also cojoins Uranus in Aries, and so we can anticipate this Summer to be fermented with a strong surge of rebellion and a demanding of truth, justice, and liberation from restraint. In our personal lives, we are likely to feel this very strongly--a powerful urge and desire to break free and to further align ourselves with truth and authenticity. This is the most ideal time for breaking out into new and spontaneous directions--however drastic or subtle. It symbolizes a powerful tipping point, as certain things will no longer be tolerable, and many will likely feel a strong urge to do something about it.

The Mercury/Venus lends quite well to artistic/creative pursuits, which will also likely play a very critical role on the world stage somehow--you know how truth and beauty are closely aligned. This Summer is going to kick off several years of much political and cultural instability, transformation, and upheaval--it is quite likely that things are going to be quite different from this point onward. We have already seen much of these energies play themselves out, but things are really going to get kicked up a notch right after the Solstice. The Summer Solstice represents a sprouting forth and emergence of processes that began at the Spring Equinox. Our lives very much parallel the Solar cycle itself, and whether we're conscious of it or not, we are bringing forth new creations into reality each and every year. Take a look at what emerges now, because this is the time to shape it, mold it, and solidify it into something tangible and real. On the day of Summer Solstice, the Sun reaches it's highest point in the sky, and also happens to be the longest day of the year. This Summer is likely to set many things into motion, and will provide plenty of fuel and momentum to take needed action, and to make drastic and lasting changes. Drop that old, moldy, and stale routine--open yourself to the influx of transformational change, and let in some much needed fresh air.