June Supermoon 2018

Reaching for Clarity: New Moon/Supermoon in Gemini 2018

Photo by Jessie Eastland

Photo by Jessie Eastland

New Moon @ 22 Gemini 45'

June 13, 2018

12:44 PM Los Angeles

3:44 PM New York

8:44 PM London 

11:44 PM Dubai

June 14

3:44 AM Beijing

5:44 AM Sydney

7:44 AM Auckland

June's New Moon/Supermoon in tropical Gemini creates a fresh start for new ideas, perceptions, theories, and dialogues. Gemini, a mutable air sign, provokes a desire for intellectual and experiential diversity and stimulation. While every New Moon has a lower energy vibe, as it is a natural period of rest and recovery, the extroversion of Gemini seeks out new experiences and understandings. The close proximity of this New Moon to earth amplifies the voice of the unconscious and inner self. 

Combined with some other background astrology, this Supermoon/New Moon works to clarify as well as pronounce individual needs and willpower. The Sun is separating from its square aspect to Neptune, and thus this lunation can represent a period of emergence from disillusionment or an idealized/romanticized perception of reality. While the fog is beginning to clear, we are taking those first steps toward a more explicit understanding of things backed by facts, evidence, and environmental feedback. 

Mercury, the New Moon ruler, has recently entered Cancer, a water sign more attuned to psychic and imaginal dimensions. Mercury's square to the centaur object Chiron can accentuate certain flaws or defects in our ability to articulate feelings and emotional content. Chiron's square to Mercury represents the challenge of vulnerability, either the dangers of too much or too little. Chiron invites us to make the effort to heal blockages preventing us from authentic communication and the expression of our true feelings.

Mercury's applying opposition to Saturn, exact June 15/16 may correlate with a period of increased sobriety and realism. Saturn's opposition to Mercury represents a greater confrontation with perceptual limitations which can be useful for focusing concentration but difficult if we fail to grow our communicative tactics. Saturn's opposition to Mercury in the days following this New Moon can heighten negative or pessimistic thinking, but can equally help us gain a more realistic perspective of certain situations. 

Venus enters Leo shortly after this New Moon, engaging in a square aspect to Uranus (exact June 14). Combined with Venus' opposition to Mars (exact on June 21), we are entering into a potentially volatile or disruptive period for relationships until the latter end of June. As the New Moon begins to build, consider that dynamic changes need to be created in present commitments, allowing more space for freedom and the expression of desires.  

As this New Moon sets in, keep close to the facts, practice truthfulness and authenticity. Glossing over certain details could lead to some very real problems, but this lunation is a dynamic stepping stone into the more challenging astrology towards the end of this month which will be easier to navigate if we prepare ourselves. Reframe your expectations now with this New Moon, and try your best to look at things from a more honest vantage point. Reach for clarity in whatever way you can. 

Life feels overwhelming when faced with things outside of your control. Understanding yourself is key to finding your power and place in the world. While you can't control fate or the chaos of life, your destiny belongs to you, something you can always strive for to gain command of your life path