Leo Full Moon 2016. Astrology

Prioritize and Re-energize: Leo Full Moon 2016

Hieroglyphics inside a temple at Dier el-Bahri on the west bank of the Nile
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Full Moon @ 3 Leo 29'
January 23, 2016
8:46 PM Eastern
5:46 PM Pacific

As the current lunar cycle comes to its full expression and manifestation, Mercury retrograde is gradually winding down, stationing direct (changing from backward to forward motion) just two days later, on Jan. 25. The stations of Mercury appear to be the most potent times of the retrograde, where technical glitches and sudden changes of plans often accumulate. Be mindful of this, because the days surrounding the station can often feel a little more frustrating than usual. It’s best to just roll with the punches and stay flexible—even if things are little lopsided and out of sorts.

Venus also just moved into tropical Capricorn, and Mercury will be stationing while in a conjunction with Pluto in this sign. All of this favors you getting a little more serious about some things in your life. Maybe you feel more focused, or simply aware of the need to prioritize your activities and the amount of time spent on certain relationships. Mercury conjunct Pluto can feel a little heavy as if certain fears and buried wounds are coming up to the surface more than they usually would. Mercury stationing on Pluto can be a time to really consider how these darker elements are playing out in your life, either through deeper reflection or talking it out.

Those conversations, if you choose to have them, will likely be heavy and complex, but may have lasting value. The Full Moon occurs in the sign of Leo, naturally opposing the Sun, but also opposing the asteroid Pallas Athena in the sign of Aquarius. In Greek mythology, Athena was a warrior goddess who emerged from Zeus’ head; she embodies wisdom, strategy and problem solving. I liken Athena to the ability to solve complex puzzles. Perhaps this Full Moon brings about an enthusiasm to come up with creative solutions.

Leo is a fire sign with an “extroverted” nature. That doesn’t mean that you’ll feel outgoing on the Full Moon (although that is likely), but simply more motivated to take action in the external world in some playful way. This is amplified by the rather wide square that the Full Moon axis (the 180 degrees opposition of Sun and Moon) receives from Mars conjunct Juno in the sign of Scorpio. That means that this Full Moon forms a t-square, a structure of considerable tension that motivates and challenges you to make some kind of change.

Juno conjunct Mars can indicate facing the truth about certain commitments you’ve made in your life. What fears do you have in relation to them? What kinds of commitments have you made to yourself? And how can you go about honoring them and staying on track? While Leo likes to play and express itself, it isn’t completely free to let loose entirely. You may find that your playtime needs to fit within a structure, modified by the priorities currently on the table.

When you are really pursuing something meaningful and important to you, you’ll find that the creative juice needed to follow through will bring you much joy and pleasure. As always, the brightness of the Full Moon brings to light certain realizations. For you, that may be the energy needed to strategically follow your bliss, whatever that may be. The Full Moon is a time of higher, increased energy, and in Leo, that energy can feel enthusiastic and vibrant. The tension offered by this lunation may be just what is needed to re-energize you.