Leo New Moon 2012

New Moon In Leo 2012

New Moon @ 25 degrees Leo 08'
August 17, 2012
8:54 AM Pacific
11:54 AM Eastern

It's been quite a ride, hasn't it? Mercury's transition from retrograde to direct, as of August 7th, signifies the end of that tidal wave of retrograde influx which permeated the collective psyche since January. If you've made it this far, give yourself a pat on the back, or maybe a gold star or two. We are likely to have a little more direction and focus now, and instead of constantly revising plans, expectations, perceptions, beliefs, ideas, etc. etc.....we now have a chance to move forward into more productive and progressive directions.

Whew, well that's a relief. With that said, however, this lunation does not present us with some gilded path strewn with glitter and puffy clouds. This New Moon actually has a few rather challenging constructs, but now that the planets are stronger and more direct, these obstacles will not be so confusing or uncertain as they have been. In fact, if anything, these challenging aspects provide plenty of fuel to get things going and back on course.

Where you've likely experienced a ton of setbacks over the past several months, you will now find that the universe is much more congruent with your plans and expectations (even if that isn't apparent in the immediate moment)--and this will gradually increase over the next month. Do keep in mind, however, that whatever gets launched around this New Moon will require plenty of hard work and dedication to see it through. If you're really serious about it though, you'll find plenty of assistance from others who are just as determined as you are.

The main feature to this New Moon is a striking T-Square with Venus in Cancer and the Pluto/Uranus square. On one end, this definitely stirs up a lot of unpredictable and spontaenous dynamics within relationships. We are invited to open ourselves up to change, and to unusual and unexpected relations with others, maybe even people who challenge our comfort zone. This also stirs up a lot of relationship tension in general, whether romantic, business, or what have you--creating a bit of crisis between inner motivations and suggestions or pressures from others.

Venus has recently moved into Cancer, after spending about four months in Gemini. Venus places her emphasis on domestic concerns now, such as security, and protection. Where we may have really valued information and knowledge to a much greater extent, the collective emphasis is now drawn more inward, and more attention is placed on feelings and intuitions rather than that mental smorgasbord  we've been so consumed by.

That means we are more concerned with how things feel and effect us deeply, as opposed to whether they just sound good. The Venus/Uranus/Pluto T-square, also ignites all those rebellious and revolutionary impulses so inherent to the Pluto/Uranus square. In our personal lives, this lunation is likely to provide a lot of momentum to really get down and dirty, and create some drastic changes.

We are likely to be less tolerant of stagnation, and many of these "challenging" aspects presented here, can be used to kick us into high gear. On the world stage, this signifies plenty more unexpected events which greatly challenge our perceptions, and possibly our much valued security. A Mars/Saturn conjunction in Libra is a pretty heavy symbol, but equally productive. Again, if you're in it for the long haul, then these two powerful forces will be more than willing to help out. On the other end, these two planets can be quite dense in their effect, and many will find themselves facing deeply seated fears and uncertainties.

There is also an obsessive and grating quality to this lunation, which can be useful for really nailing things down, and getting to the bottom of certain problems or dilemmas we've been faced with. Processes we set in motion around the beginning of this year, are going to be strongly tested now, to see if they can really weather the storm. On the light side, however, the Mars/Saturn conjunction sextiles the New Moon, offering more support if we're open to it, as opposed to an intimidating confrontation (unless it's contacting a personal planet in your horoscope, of course, i.e. planets in Libra or Aries).

As this New Moon approaches just keep in mind that a powerful process is in the works, and right now it may seem like a lot of things are coming to an end. As we move and shift into this powerful lunation, there may still be much uncertainty, because so much has shifted over the past several months. We've accumulated a rather heavy load throughout the beginning of this year, and with all the immense retrograde activity, we are now ready to release much of the debris, to begin a new process.

Since Mercury has gone direct in Leo, there is likely this knowing that much of the experimentation and playtime has outlived it usefulness--there is likely a strong feeling of seriousness permeating the air, as if it's now time to get down to business. Again, the past several months allowed us to test the waters, so to speak, and after this lunation, we will find ourselves more driven and focused on seriously implementing things into our reality. 

The New Moon in Leo ignites the power of the human will, the capacity to take charge, and create one's destiny.  It conjures up a surging momentum of great force, which urges us to march forward, fearless and strong, without hesitation. That's the ideal of course. Cross the bridge with confidence, and into the great unknown.

The Sabian symbol for this New Moon reads:

26 degrees Leo: "A Rainbow"

The rainbow is a powerful symbol throughout all cultures and mythologies. To the Judeo-Christian belief, the rainbow is a symbol of God's promise to never the flood the earth again. To the Buddhists, the rainbow symbolizes the highest state achievable before the complete annihilation of consciousness. In Greek mythology, Iris, was goddess of the rainbow, and messenger of the Gods, who flew about with golden wings delivering messages. To Australian tribes, such as the Aborigine peoples, the rainbow serpent is an androgynous creator god, progenitor of the world and all lifeforms.

The rainbow is often symbolic of a bridge from the realm of the physical, to that of the spiritual or "higher" worlds. It is a transitional symbol of moving from one state to the next. Scientifically speaking, everyone perceives a different rainbow, because no two irises are identical. We can look to the rainbow as a divine message, a portal, and bridging point to another level of reality, and one that each of us will experience in his or her own unique and individual way.