March 2014 Astrology Forecast

Kosmic Horizon: March 2014

Photo by Neil Herbert.
The month begins with Mars turning retrograde in the topical sign of Libra. All this retrograde activity at the start of the year serves to move us into new realms of activity as many things have probably shifted quite dramatically over the past three months. Mars turning retrograde signifies the beginning of yet another shift of reality and perception. Only this time we’re dealing with issues of willpower and the initiation of desires.

Similar to Venus retrograde, Mars retrograde can have a significant “karmic” aspect to its nature. Events seem more “fated” and synchronistic than usual during these cycles. We sometimes meet fairly significant people who seem somewhat familiar, or who end up having some kind of impact on our lives. These relationships grow, develop or come to an end in synch with future cycles.

We may feel like things are going backwards, yet we also find ourselves moving forward in new directions, rerouted from our preconceived course of action. Because of this, we’re taken into new realms of life experience and many things begin to change.

Mars retrograde permeates the atmosphere this month but will continue on until May. We will sense new beginnings this month, but this will likely be the opening of a new chapter within situations that have already solidified. In other words, we’re likely to experience the beginning of a new phase of development in relation to past situations.

The Spring Equinox occurs this month as the Sun moves into the tropical sign of Aries. This, the astrological New Year, brings about a sense of renewal—a time for setting intentions or resolutions for the new solar cycle.

As stated, March 1 begins at the onset of Mars’ retrograde cycle in Libra. This is a time to strengthen and reinforce some things in our life. Look to the house(s) that Mars will occupy during its backward transit; it will unveil key insights into the themes and issues covered this cycle. While Libra highlights relationship issues and the maintenance of balance and homeostasis, the house symbolism will specifically show the arena this will all play out in.

Saturn turns stationary retrograde on March 2, along with Venus striking a square aspect to Mars retrograde. Saturn will be retrograde in Scorpio until July 20. Saturn retrograde can help us digest and assimilate the hard work and progress made during its direct transit through a specific house (or houses) of our natal horoscope.

Saturn retrograde can also help us with further mastery as well as the reinforcement of the structures we’ve been building in our lives. Venus in Capricorn square Mars retrograde in Libra can create a conflict of desires or a confusion of passions. Pursuing the unattainable can be a pointless exercise at times, and we may find ourselves expending energy needlessly.

There may be a conflict with past relationships or associations asking us to take the higher ground—if all else fails it may be best to simply walk away. But squares also push us past resistances. Knowing when to push forward or when to back off takes considerable awareness.

Venus enters Aquarius on March 5, amplifying the desire for eccentricity or unusual forms of experimentation. Venus in Aquarius invites us to open our minds, and to associate with others in more logical and objective ways. We may feel the need to branch off and meet others outside our usual box of associations.

Jupiter turns stationary direct in Cancer on March 6, initiating a new process of expansion, growth and the seeking of opportunities. Growth and expansion doesn’t stop while Jupiter is retrograde, but we find ourselves going back to opportunities or expansive experiences we may have left behind.

On March 11 Mercury in Aquarius squares Saturn in Scorpio. An acute mental focus and a penetrating, discriminating gaze will be the reward from for sustained effort. Communication conflicts find their root in faulty, ambiguous information. Stick to the tried and true today, no matter how enticing the information.

Mercury makes a trine to Mars on March 14, giving the green light for open communication and the sharing of unusual ideals or solutions. Mercury trine Mars gives added strength to ideas—giving them traction in the real world. If you don’t find yourself implementing something you’ve been conceptualizing, you’ll likely find yourself talking a lot about it.

The Full Moon in Virgo occurs on March 16. A sextile from the Moon to Saturn allows us to get ahead in some way, bringing about a culmination of sustained effort and hard work. Step up and take opportunities as they reveal themselves to you; if you’re ready for more work, real growth opportunities await.

Mercury moves back into Pisces on March 17 after its retrograde passage through Pisces/Aquarius. A moment to gain more clarity and objectivity gives way to increased intuition and a desire to pursue mystical and creative pursuits. As Mercury moves through Pisces, approaching Neptune, daydreaming may be more pronounced than usual. Attending to more practical affairs may be more difficult, but spontaneous creative and spiritual insight seeps into the mind with very little effort.

Venus sextiles Uranus on March 18, stimulating relationships. An initiatory spark serves to catalyze new connections or sudden realizations about interpersonal dynamics. The sextile relationship between Venus and Uranus urges us to try something new and is quite conducive for spontaneous activities, possibly with others.

The Spring Equinox (or Fall Equinox for our friends in the southern hemisphere) occurs on March 20 as the Sun reaches Aries and the vernal point. The equinox brings about several days of solar equilibrium; day and night are equal length. As the Sun progresses through the zodiac daylight gradually increases or decreases (depending on which half of the globe you’re living).

This is the astrological New Year, a time to set intentions, goals or resolutions for the new solar cycle. This potent event magnifies the power of intention—a time to focus on what you really want to accomplish and make happen over the next 12 months.

Mercury conjoins Neptune on March 22—opening the doors to the numinous. The mind prefers more abstract or spiritual concepts or ideas. There may be a strong urge to escape through daydreaming, conceptualizing or through the use of mind altering substances. Flashes of intuitive insight help us connect more deeply to something larger, deeper and more meaningful.

This is a time to entertain or to dream up ideas or concepts, but remain skeptical of anything that sounds too good to be true as our judgment may be a bit faulty. Mercury becomes more idealistic when conjunct Neptune, period. Looks can be deceiving; proceed with caution.

On March 26 Mercury makes a trine to Jupiter. More idealism fills the air with a bit of intense optimism. Communication may flow more easily and effortlessly today, but a tendency to blow things out of proportion is equally strong. Expand your mind today but be wary of your mental and cerebral limitations.

Mercury makes a sextile to Pluto on March 28, inviting us to probe deeper into dark or normally uncomfortable territory. A strong sense of self-assurance and confidence allows us to mentally sort through realms we normally fear to tread. Complex psychological material may unravel quite effortlessly today.

On March 29 Venus makes a trine to Mars and a square to Saturn. There may a strong sense of passion today, allowing us to openly express certain desires. But Saturn’s square to Venus can create a sense of pressure within relationships. Today is a day to get straight to the point and to be conscious of potentially volatile emotions.

If your find yourself obsessing over certain issues or pushing a point too far you may need to back off a bit and let things straighten out in their own time. If you can’t come to a resolution in the moment, have patience and wait it out.

The New Moon in Aries occurs just as the month comes to a close on March 30. Conjunct Uranus and Juno and forming a t-square with Jupiter and Pluto, this New Moon has a highly charged and catalytic energy. Mars retrograde brings our focus backwards—allowing us to gear up and to initiate the big changes we’ve been pushing aside.

Utilize the tremendous power of this New Moon to move past the resistance and stagnation that’s been holding you back. Look toward the situations you’ve been mired in for some time, because there you will find the keys to lasting change and transformation during this lunar cycle.

March 1- Mars stationary retrograde
Mar 2- Saturn stationary retrograde; Venus square Mars
Mar 5- Venus enters Aquarius
Mar 6- Jupiter stationary direct
Mar 11- Mercury square Saturn
Mar 14- Mercury trine Mars
Mar 16- Full Moon @ 26 Virgo
Mar 17- Mercury enters Pisces
Mar 18- Venus sextile Uranus
Mar 20- Sun enters Aries—Spring Equinox
Mar 22- Mercury conjunct Neptune
Mar 26- Mercury trine Jupiter
Mar 28- Mercury sextile Pluto
Mar 29- Venus trine Mars; Venus square Saturn
Mar 30- New Moon @ 9 Aries