March Full Moon 2014

The Virgo Full Moon and the Astrological New Year

Corn Poppy in a field of wheat. Photo by 3268zauber.
Full Moon @ 26 Virgo 02'
March 16, 2014
10:08 AM Pacific
1:08 PM Eastern

The Full Moon in Virgo occurs just days before the Sun enters Aries, initiating the astrological New Year. Each lunar cycle comes to culmination when the Sun and Moon are in opposition to each other. This climactic lunar event arrives once a month (usually), and something in our life is quite often brought to a head in synch with this cycle.

The buildup of energy fills the air and alongside the Equinox there’s a powerful sense of new life erupting into consciousness, but with Mars retrograde in Libra new life is brought to the past.  We may find ourselves redefining and rejuvenating old relationships and commitments previously established. Mars retrograde in Libra allows us to strengthen and support those connections we thought were outworn or beyond repair.

Changes of direction and focus are also common during this time. Anticipate a change in plans or an alteration of specific goals. Virgo, a mutable earth sign, is practically focused but flexible. While concerned with the details of any game plan, Virgo isn’t a sign that stubbornly clings to outmoded strategies. The ability to adapt to changing circumstances is one of Virgo’s strong points.

Thus, this Full Moon is quite conducive to peering effortlessly into any flaws in your current strategy and making modifications where appropriate. A supportive sextile from Saturn to the Full Moon and a trine to the Sun, provides a tone of seriousness and discipline to this lunation, one that assists in cutting away the clutter and getting to the heart of what’s essential for the successful execution of your goals, plans and objectives.

With the Sun in Pisces and the Moon in Virgo, there’s also a strong sense of idealism—a desire to match our visions with reality. With Saturn’s help, we may find the assistance needed to more closely align ourselves with those lofty objectives. With the momentum provided by the Sun’s zodiacal renewal, a strong sense of determination may just carry us through.

A Full Moon in Virgo can bring to culmination health, healing and work related processes. Virgo is a sign that is deeply concerned with continual improvement--perfecting, cleansing and organizing. Take advantage of this potent Virgoan energy which can assist in creating more order in our lives and in our environment, but also be mindful of getting too carried away; Virgo’s ideals can sometimes overwhelm, leading to an obsession with perfection.  

The Aries Point: The Astrological New Year

Horoscope for the Vernal Equinox, March 20, 2014
@ 12:57 PM Pacific, 9:57 AM Eastern.

In the northern hemisphere, the Sun’s ingress into Aries (March 20) coincides with the Spring Equinox. In the southern hemisphere, the Fall Equinox signals the Sun’s gradual, annual demise. But either way, from the astrological perspective, the Sun’s movement into Aries initiates the start of a new solar cycle; it renews its sojourn around the zodiac from our geocentric perspective.

This, the astrological New Year, is a prime time for setting intentions or “resolutions” for the cycle ahead. It is a powerful moment that gives greater weight and legitimacy to our ability to change and direct our lives alongside the universe. Use this opportunity to get clear about what you want to accomplish over the next 12 months; you may choose to write out statements of intention or to get creative through visual illustrations.

The horoscope for the Equinox features a striking t-square configuration involving Uranus conjunct the asteroid Juno square Pluto and Jupiter. The chart erected for any seasonal transition forecasts subtle archetypal themes that may have prominence over the coming cycle. Juno’s involvement indicates the prominence of relationships—a theme given further credence through Mars’ retrograde cycle through Libra and conjunction to the North Node at this time.

Astrologers associate Juno with the concept of marriage and tend to use it as a descriptor of the partner one actually needs as opposed to what one idealizes. Put simply, Juno is a symbol of marriage and relationship and all the joys and challenges that they embody.

In the midst of significant tension from the t-square, Juno conjunct Uranus in the freedom seeking sign of Aries, indicates that this solar cycle may ignite significant pressure to break free of limiting bonds or to take the steps necessary to induce change within our relationships.

But relationships are not simply limited to the bonds we share with other people. In fact, our external relationships are merely reflections of the relationship we have with ourselves. Thus, the next 12 months may prove to be a catalytic period of time that may greatly alter our most intimate connection within that will have a residual effect on our external connections.

If there were any intention that we should really embrace this astrological New Year, it would be the conscious improvement of our relationships, to ourselves and to others. Anticipate sudden and unexpected events to shake things up in our current relations, or a spark that ignites a deeper commitment and connection with those relationships that have been sitting on the back burner.