March Full Moon 2015

Karma Yoga: Full Moon in Virgo 2015

A wheat field at dawn; photo by Florian Siebeck.

Full Moon @ 14 Virgo 50
1:05 PM Eastern
10:05 AM Pacific

The current lunar cycle blossoms in the tropical sign of Virgo, a sign we associate with the pursuit of perfection and purification. Not all Virgo dominant individuals will color coordinate their closets or date all the perishable items in their fridge, but each has a deep appreciation of orderliness as well as competence.

Every strong Virgo personality seeks to develop skills or talents that can be of use to the world and that can contribute something of value to the community. Virgo’s main objective is indeed perfection, whether that is the perfection of helpful skills, talents, or the betterment of themselves on physical, psychological or spiritual levels.

As the Full Moon illuminates the Virgo archetype, it highlights that Virgoness within each of us. It brings to the surface the human desire to contribute something to improve the lives of others; though Virgo teaches that every healer or servant must learn to heal and serve themselves. How can you give what you lack yourself? That is the Virgo conundrum.

And yet, there is that fine line between personal work and one’s duty to the community. How do you know that you’ve healed enough? When does personal work become stagnating, isolating you from your greater purpose and social responsibility? Obsession and neuroticism are usually good indicators. On the opposite end, burnout and exhaustion will cue the hyper diligent to momentarily withdraw and recharge.

And every Full Moon has two sides to the story. The polarity of Sun and Moon reveals an archetypal dichotomy seeking resolution in the collective psyche. The Sun in Pisces conjunct Chiron opposes the Full Moon—inviting you to practice empathy and compassion, to witness the reality of another soul leading to a potentially profound attitudinal shift.

As Carl Jung once said, “The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.”

The cluster of planets currently transiting Aries may prompt you to push yourself beyond a threshold though hopefully, not as far as to cause injury or harm. Mars’ conjunction with the South Node of the Moon is burning up old “karma”—that is to say, generating a restlessness to move past that which hindered you in the past.

There is newness in the air it seems; perhaps that is the prospect of an adventure. That which is emerging on the horizon is fresh and promising. But wisdom reminds you that it is in no way devoid of danger or challenge. Perhaps, unconsciously, that is the exciting part of it. For every life and incarnation there is risk and stress. That’s simply a part of the deal.

That is, perhaps, something the soul accepts as it jumps into each fleshy vessel. And Pisces counterbalances Virgo’s ideals of perfection. At the end of each life, the soul witnesses the memories fade into a diaphanous steam. What matters most is not the world of form and substance, but how the world changed you—what it burned into your soul. 

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