March Full Moon 2017

Getting It Together: Full Moon in Virgo 2017

Photo by Chad Woodward, Feb. 2017. 

Photo by Chad Woodward, Feb. 2017. 

Full Moon @ 22 Virgo 13'

March 12, 2017

7:54 AM Pacific

10:54 AM Eastern

This month’s Full Moon culminates in tropical Virgo. The Sun sits in opposition to the Moon in Pisces conjunct Chiron and Mercury. Saturn in Sagittarius creates a t-square to the Full Moon axis, generating an opportunity for breakthrough in the material world. This earthy Full Moon in Virgo brings to our awareness the need for focus and the practical application of skills to the benefit others. The combination of Saturn and this Virgo Full Moon is about concrete manifestation and the limitations we must work with to make our dreams a reality. 

The tension created by this lunation can shed light on the fears and blockages which stand in the way of the actualization of certain goals and objectives. It can help you see more clearly those obstacles that keep snagging you and preventing the flow of productivity. Chiron conjunct Mercury square Saturn invites us to question beliefs and ideologies which are not in alignment with reality as it’s actually experienced. Question whether an attachment to certain beliefs have shaped your attitude and perception of the world and how well they serve you. Some fact checking and more thorough research would be a good way to gain perspective.

Saturn reminds us that while we can work hard to make our dreams come true, we sometimes have to strike a compromise when we realize that our previous strategies are not in alignment with the laws governing the universe. Full Moons always bring situations to a head. Something often culminates and reaches a pinnacle of expression. Yet it is also preceded by the process of decay and breakdown of structures that have served their purpose. This lunation can stand as a symbolic moment to help release beliefs, attitudes, and ideologies that have limited our capacity to trust and go with the flow of life. 

Consider the messages and teachings that are coming to you now. There is likely to be a lot of wisdom floating around, perhaps from places you wouldn’t normally consider. Reflect deeply on those places that you’ve condemned or discarded. You may rediscover potential, insight or gifts where you fear to tread. While this Full Moon may not feel initially comfortable, as it amplifies fears, wounds and the awareness of challenges, it can be used as a catalyst to narrow down opportunities and objectives. With several planets in Pisces, there’s a surge of creativity and inspiration with this Full Moon. There can also be some delusion, denial, and tendencies toward escapism.

The Moon in Virgo can help ground and implement a lot of this abstract and indefinite material. It can also help get us back on track after a period of uncertainty and confusion. The Moon’s North Node in Virgo suggests focusing on some greater purpose or objective in which we can contribute mindfully to the larger community. Uranus conjunct Eris in Aries quincunx to the Full Moon reveals that the need for personal freedom and self-expression must make an adjustment to pertinent duties and responsibilities. That might require finding some way to express yourself without that interfering with your ability to be of effective service. 

Lastly, this polarity of energies can create frustration with certain realities, but it can also point to the potential for breakthrough. Our choices and how we use this energy will greatly determine how well we can rise above distraction, ambiguity, and delusion to find greater clarity and sense of purpose. If you feel lost at the moment, find some point of focus that can carry you through. It could be a simple project, task, or discipline that you can immerse yourself in. Virgo’s highest objective is self-improvement and competence. As you keep your sights on those ideals, the inspiration and creative insight you seek will come flooding in. Keep to the tasks at hand, and you’ll more effectively ride the wave toward your objectives. 


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