Mercury Superior Conjunction

A Sharper Focus: Mercury's Superior Conjunction

By Thennicke [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons

By Thennicke [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons

Mercury is reaching its superior conjunction with the Sun (Sept. 20) just before entering tropical Libra. Sun and Mercury enter Libra side by side, jointly announcing the equinox Sept. 22. Mercury's superior conjunction occurs every 116 days as it transitions from morning to evening visibility (aka apparition). Currently, you will not see Mercury in the sky.

Mercury is behind the Sun and at apogee, the furthest it could be from us on Earth. Mercury's superior conjunction is the antithesis of its retrograde/inferior conjunction. Mercury is moving at its top speed, and so the mind is "out there" enthusiastically dissecting, editing, and dividing. At this point in the Mercurial synodic cycle, the mind is attuned to the future and getting ahead.

In Virgo, Mercury's more pragmatic focus infuses the solar consciousness. Communication is empowered and most useful right now. Look for the spontaneous emergence of insights and progressive perspectives. Mercury's exalted position in Virgo gives the mind profuse precision, detail orientation, and technical competence. This Mercury/Sun conjunction is favorable for learning, teaching, writing, speaking, traveling, or for honing critical skills.

Mercury enters Libra just before the Sun on Sept. 21. Mercury's superior conjunction alongside the equinox is a most potent transitional period, quickly moving our focus from the micro to the macro. Mercury through Libra can assist in reaching a more balanced perspective, incorporating different viewpoints, and learning to speak or perceive through the heart. For articulating feelings, moods, and impressions, Mercury in Libra will be a vital asset through Oct. 9.