Mercury in Gemini 2013

Light Speed: Mercury Enters Gemini

Mercury enters Gemini today (May 15), serving to further break up the Taurean energy pattern we've been experiencing. Most likely we go from being rather single pointed to a multitude of perspectives. The mind is heating up, the juices are flowing, and the nervous system is cranking into gear--it's important to breathe here. The Moon sextiles Mercury as it enters Leo late in the afternoon, gently opening the mind to a creative bout of brainstorming. In addition, Mercury also emerges from behind the Sun, entering back into the world. Perhaps we each emerge ourselves, with a little more insight and awareness.

Mercury is at home in Gemini, the sign of its rulership, and where it is most comfortable to do what it does best: to revel in light speed mental hyperdrive! This is is a good challenge for any meditation practice; so all you zen Buddhists out there, get ready, it's time to cash in those hours of mindfulness training, you're going need them. If you're more interested in drowning yourself in coffee and intellectual discourse, then this is your season. Whichever end of the spectrum you find yourself, we could all benefit in some way from a sharpened mind, a keener sense of awareness, and a little more wit. God speed.

Mercury will be in Gemini until May 31st, when it enters Cancer for an extended stay, as Mercury goes retrograde mid June.