Mercury sextile Jupiter

Mercury Trine Pluto+Sextile Jupiter

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Mercury's opposition to Neptune may have momentarily dissipated the Virgo/earth sign productivity flow. But Mercury is moving on, nearing its superior conjunction with the Sun next week. If you lost your focus, anticipate a rapid return soon enough. Mercury's superior conjunction in Virgo is high power mental/communicative energy and helps if you need to concentrate ahead or clarify just about anything.

Mercury makes a trine with Pluto this weekend alongside the first quarter Moon and a sextile to Jupiter. The Moon's power is rising and surging and can empower motivation for the completion of tasks and critical projects. The Full Moon in a little over a week is not a smooth integration, but it is a catalyst for growth, maturity, and change. If you've been proactive with managing your to-do-list and responsibilities, expect a rising sense of accomplishment or authority.

Mercury's trine to Pluto this weekend favors in-depth investigations and conversations. Combined with Venus in Scorpio, superficial exchanges especially reveal their hollowness. If you need or want to go further with an interaction, be upfront, and you'll effortlessly move beyond the usual obstructions. Mercury to Pluto lends a high degree of persuasiveness, so utilize this momentary leverage with mindfulness.

Pluto can empower Mercury in Virgo's perceptiveness as few details evade notice. Of course, Neptune's fading opposition still manages to stir up idealism and residual cloudy judgment, but reason, logic, and an acute focus will be on the increase over the next week. By Sunday, Mercury's sextile to Jupiter can help dissolve mental blocks, mobilize creativity, and forge a path toward clearness.