Neptune Station

Dive in but Don't Drown: Neptune conjunct South Node

The planet Neptune is stationing direct this month. It will be at a standstill at 9 degrees of tropical Pisces on the Moon’s south node. If you think things have been weird lately, confusing, or just hard to pin down, it’s in the air. The world (and current events) may take on a preternatural glow. Neptune has a powerful influence on the collective psyche. When prominent such as now, Neptune empowers massive groups of individuals brought together by a common cause, ideology or belief. 

The Moon’s south node tends to emphasize the shadow side which can lead many into the trap of projecting an inner crisis onto external symbols, unconsciously hoping for a resolution that will never be found in the outer world. It can also greatly stoke strong desires for escapism and avoidance of reality. Utilize this powerful portal as a time to connect inwardly to find your connection to God/Goddess/Universe within. From there, you’ll discover a pool of inspiration, imagination, and spiritual insight which you can utilize to bring to the service of others in some practical way. 

This powerful Neptunian focal point may enhance your dream life or create a longing for higher, ecstatic states of consciousness. Many may be starving now for some savior to deliver them from their inner hell. But remember, the true savior is in you. No one can save you from the inner work you must eventually do yourself. The outer demons are reflections of our own repressed desires, fears, and hatred. Dive in but don’t drown! As difficult as it might be, don’t get pulled out to sea. Stay close to shore and learn how to engage with life more consciously.