New Moon December 2013

Big Plans, Small Steps: New Moon In Sagittarius

The Milky Way from Wellington, New Zealand. Photo by Andrew Xu.

New Moon @ 10 Sagittarius 59'
Dec 2, 2013
4:22 PM Pacific
7:22 PM Eastern

The Sun and Moon conjoin in the sign of Sagittarius--a dark Moon in a bright, expansive sign. The contrast of archetypes is explicit, but natural to any mutable sign. This solar lunar conjunction breaks through the intensity and heaviness of the placid Scorpionic waters that have flooded the collective vibe.

Every new Moon brings about a sense of new beginnings; the emergence of some new process or development takes hold. Sagittarius is a sign that opens consciousness to the infinite and ever expanding cosmos.  It is a sign that reminds us that there is far more to reality than we can possibly comprehend.

What we see with our eyes is a mere fraction of what actually exists. That truth is inspiring but equally frightening. The unknown is much vaster than the mind will allow us to entertain; but feel that sense of infinite potential just within your grasp. It is a powerful feeling; it drives humanity toward ever increasing vistas of achievement and aspiration.

This dark and invisible Moon opens the flood gates to higher consciousness; it directs our gaze to the ever churning stardust that envelopes the solar system. In this dark of the Moon, feel that primal connection to something larger, something omnipotent, that sense that somehow, divinity underwrites the world.

But infinite potential and higher density inspiration must be harnessed and brought down to human levels. Big plans, dreams and goals need practical strategies to make their way into reality. That’s sort of the theme with this new Moon, since it finds itself in the midst of t-square tension between Chiron in Pisces and Pallas Athena in Virgo.

Chiron can direct us toward our life mission, our soul’s purpose. Athena, a warrior goddess, is a mastermind strategist that can clairfy the path ahead. In Virgo, Athena’s strategies hone in on intricate steps and maneuvers, demanding precision. Chiron points to our debilitating wounds and blind spots so that we may strive toward wholeness and completion of our potential destiny.

The tension is strong, but it effectively wakes us up, it gets us thinking, planning, moving. The significance of any new Moon differs for each of us, but use this energy to simply open a dialogue about the bigger picture, the broader path ahead and the priorities that need to be put in place.

Are you going somewhere? Is there a clear intention, ambition or focus? Sagittarius draws our gaze upward and skyward, toward larger questions and meaningful ambitions.

Maybe take some time out with this lunation to reflect on or remember the bigger picture. Use this powerful t-square tension to find the passion or motivation to pursue something, but to make an effective plan toward that pursuit.

If you aren't where you currently feel you ought to be, trust in your ability to change it, to make things different, one step at a time. Are we always where we need to be, or where we choose to be? When things aren't moving, isn't some form of resistance holding things back?

Whether its fear, apprehension, ignorance or pride; we always have a choice to face the truth and step up to the next challenge. What challenge, whether big or small, have you come up against? What must you do to get to the next level? Have faith, and as Sagittarius reminds us, always strive for the higher truth, no matter how daunting the path.