New Moon Gemini 2015

Engage Your Life: New Moon in Gemini 2015

False color image of Mercury; image
by NASA/JPL/Northwestern University.

New Moon @ 25 Gemini 07
June 16, 2015
10:05 AM
7:05 AM

This month’s New Moon plants its seeds in the tropical sign of Gemini just after Mercury turns stationary direct. Mercury’s retrograde cycle in Gemini was quite influential for many people. It seemed to be one of the most pronounced cycles I’ve experienced.  While it’s difficult to predict exactly how any Mercury retrograde will influence us on an individual level, we can theoretically assume that Mercury turning retrograde in its own sign is particularly powerful and dynamic in its expression.

That certainly played out for a lot of people I’ve spoken with. Luckily I made it out alive and I assume that you did too. You can rest assured that things are on the mend and that Mercury is moving forward now. Reality is slowly but surely going back to normal—whatever that means. The world that we perceive exists only in the mind. That means that we don’t see things as they actually are. We see only what we need to survive in physical form.

When Mercury turns retrograde, it seems to poke little holes in the façade that the mind creates. It allows us to glimpse more deeply into things, which will ultimately expand our perception and our awareness of our environment. We can choose to integrate these new perceptions into our personal life if we wish, or we can simply brush off all setbacks and accidents as evidence that sometimes shit just happens for seemingly no reason at all.

I typically choose the latter, though I don’t always find it easy to discover the meaning behind every “happy” accident that occurs in my life. But wisdom has taught me that there’s logic to the flow of events in my life, that there’s a reason for everything even if it’s not readily apparent. As I mentioned in the previous Full Moon reading, the mundane can be magical if we look deep enough. Every moment is a spiritual experience.

If the physical reality is an illusion conjured by the mind, then the mundane is just as valuable for spiritual evolution as a meditation retreat or an ayahuasca ceremony in the Amazon. From the evolutionary astrological perception, all experiences are catalysts for growth and change. Every choice we make furthers the evolution of the soul.

Gemini is a sign we associate with the mind and the reality that we experience in our everyday lives and routines. You don’t get any more mundane than Gemini. But Gemini, by nature, isn’t a boring, prosaic sign. Gemini dominant individuals are usually quite stimulating and often loquacious. Gemini seeks awareness, information, and constant stimulation. When reality becomes dull, boring and routine, it’s a sign that you’re not properly nourishing your mind with new information.

Knowledge and awareness expands your understanding of the world. The more you know the more interesting life becomes. You begin to see things that you didn’t see before. You become aware of possibilities that you never imagined. With Mars conjunct this New Moon, you are invited to conjure up the courage to expand your reality by trying something new and by actively engaging in the process of discovery.

You might expand your perception intellectually, or you may choose to do it physically. Gemini, in its highest expression, is open-minded and willing to try or entertain any possibility. Give yourself permission to experiment; play, loosen up, and maybe have a little bit of fun with this lunation. While a New Moon is typically a time of lower energy, a time to recharge, Mars’ presence gives this New Moon an added jolt of energy, enthusiasm, and momentum. However, every New Moon favors more personal and intimate activities. So while you may feel quite restless and less willing to stick to your usual tasks and routines, you’re not likely to go overboard. And that’s a good thing, because the dark side of Mars can cause a lot of pain.

And speaking of pain, Chiron makes a square to this New Moon. Chiron invites you to transmute your pain and wounds into gifts and empathy. While you can’t ignore your pain with this lunation, you can at least drown it out and learn to transcend your suffering. Sometimes all you need is a good laugh, great sex, or a stimulating conversation and suddenly you don’t hurt so much, suddenly you’re not so obsessed with it. This is different than trying to numb or avoid your pain. It’s a way of consciously engaging with life to shift your attention away from what hurts you to raise your vibration so that you can truly heal.

Ultimately, pain exists in our minds. We don’t always have to engage it. And we certainly don’t have to identify with it. What hurts us is often something that simply points us to that which we are unconscious of. Pain is a kind of existential biofeedback. It’s how the body communicates to us how far off our spiritual path we truly are. When you consciously engage your mind, you may realize that you have more control of your experiences than you have led yourself to believe. And to engage your mind requires that you engage with your life. So, stop suffering and start living.