New Moon June 2019

A New Worldview: Gemini New Moon 2019

View from Smuggler’s Road on Santa Cruz Island, Channel Islands National Park, May 2019; photo by Chad Woodward.

View from Smuggler’s Road on Santa Cruz Island, Channel Islands National Park, May 2019; photo by Chad Woodward.

New Moon @ 12 Gemini 34’

June 3, 2019

3:03 AM Los Angeles

6:03 AM New York

11:03 AM London

6:03 PM Beijing

8:03 PM Sydney

Every New Moon is a natural downtime within the lunar cycle, a time for rest, recovery, or temporary hibernation. However, Gemini New Moons are typically an exception, especially this month's lunation with the New Moon ruler Mercury in Gemini and Jupiter's wide opposition. The Gemini archetype incites curiosity and Jupiter in Sagittarius amplifies the restless wanderlust inherent to both the mutable Gemini and Sagittarius archetypes.

This New Moon is a perfect time for planting the seeds of a new adventure, research/writing project, or learning endeavor. The pitfall of this New Moon is succumbing to the false belief that you have all the answers and have somehow reached the apex of the universe's knowledge. For most of us, that probably sounds ridiculous, yet I'm sure you can think of a few people who roughly fit that category. No, don't fall for the Gemini blindspot, especially with Neptune's square from Pisces.

An element of factual obfuscation and humility will work to deconstruct grotesque hubris over the next two weeks. Both this month's New Moon, and the following Full Moon in Sagittarius, make squares to Neptune, challenging carefully guarded worldviews, perceptions, theories, and beliefs. Start with opening your mind with this lunar junction and willingly challenge your point of view. Neptune's dissolution of certainty can be upsetting and confusing, but it can also be liberating and refreshing.

Jupiter's retrograde opposition can help to inspire creative brainstorming and imaginal tangents. Gemini's path is not straight nor linear, so expect to vacillate and meander a bit. If you want clear answers, you'll probably find this lunation discouraging, but for the formulation of questions, this New Moon is more than helpful. Even if you can't grasp it yet, a new perspective will emerge over the next two weeks and with it the capacity to enlighten and inspire.