New Moon in Aries 2018

Do Your Thing: New Moon in Aries 2018

Green field on Saint Martin Island, Bangladesh; photo by  Tahmid Munaz

Green field on Saint Martin Island, Bangladesh; photo by Tahmid Munaz

New Moon @ 26 Aries 02'

April 15, 2018

6:57 PM Los Angeles

9:57 PM New York

April 16, 2018

2:57 AM London

5:57 AM Dubai

9:57 AM Beijing

11:57 AM Sydney

1:57 PM Auckland

April’s New Moon occurs in the courageous and fiery, tropical sign of Aries, closely aligned with radical and novel Uranus (as well as the newly discovered dwarf planet, Eris). With Mercury turning direct several hours before the conjunction of Sun and Moon, this New Moon has a notably transitional edge and edginess. And with Uranus entering Taurus next month, you’re likely to feel as if you’re definitely standing on the fringe of a cardinal shift. Since Aries is, in fact, a cardinal sign, this lunation is highly catalytic--provoking action, motion, and momentum.

With Mercury retrograde in Aries the last three weeks, it came into a square aspect to both Saturn and Mars. Mercury’s challenging square aspect to two challenging planets could have slowed some of your plans, causing serious delays, or instigated internal frustration. However, it’s also possible that you were able to slow down your thoughts and zero in on your priorities these last few weeks. Naturally, Mercury retrograde gives us an opportunity to gain more awareness or learn a lot of new things in a very short period of time. 

As we approach this New Moon, we’re all probably feeling more than ready for a change. Uranus, the first planet discovered beyond Saturn in the 18th century, is well known for its change making effects since it was solely responsible for throwing out the old model of the solar system. If there are two archetypes that seriously epitomize the wild, untamed primal spirit within each of us, it would be the combination of Aries and Uranus. And Eris, discovered shortly after the millennial shift, equally threw the solar system into disarray, demoting Pluto and redefining the astronomical definition of what it means to be a planet.

We might anticipate some of that paradigm shattering archetypal energy to give rise alongside this lunation, and with Mercury’s station happening at the same time, prepare for some extra glitches in the established order of things. Wide, whole sign squares from Mars, Saturn, and Pluto definitely generate some tension for the New Moon. As you set out to begin new paths, or break free from past commitments, be mindful of your limitations and be respectful of certain boundaries. In its wholly negative manifestation, this New Moon can impulse some into overly disruptive or destructive actions resulting in unnecessary violence or other intrusions.

But this New Moon invites us to embrace chaos as a natural function within the universe. Too often, we repress who or what we are for the sake of maintaining the social order and status quo. Well, with this New Moon, it’s going to be exceptionally difficult to restrain much of anything. The wildness will emerge in some shape or form, and anything begun under this New Moon is destined for a highly unstable and unpredictable path. With the Sun’s parallel conjunction with Uranus April 18/19, don’t plan on holding yourself or anyone back this next week. Consider what needs to break free and how you might give yourself some extra space to simply do your thing, regardless of what anyone else thinks.

Life feels overwhelming when faced with things outside of your control. Understanding yourself is key to finding your power and place in the world. While you can't control fate or the chaos of life, your destiny belongs to you, something you can always strive for to gain command of your life path