New Moon in Leo

Engage Your Passion: New Moon in Leo 2017

Fire breathing "Jaipur Maharaja Brass Band", Chassepierre, Belgium; photo by Luc Viatour via Wikimedia Commons. 

Fire breathing "Jaipur Maharaja Brass Band", Chassepierre, Belgium; photo by Luc Viatour via Wikimedia Commons. 

New Moon @ 0 degrees Leo 44’

July 23, 2017

2:46 AM Pacific

5:46 AM Eastern

July’s New Moon in tropical Leo is anything but subtle, though as usual, you should expect a winding down of external drama after a dynamic and heavy Full Moon just two weeks ago. The New Moon phase is a natural time of inward attunement and rejuvenation, but this particular lunation conjoins the planet Mars in the fire sign of Leo. While this is a moment imbued with some uncertainty, even hesitation about what’s emerging, it carries a powerful edge that has some serious prowess. If you’re in need of a creative boost and some extra tenacity, then this New Moon can certainly help you.

Each New Moon signifies a beginning point in time and space, and with such flamboyant archetypes involved, you should anticipate this beginning to embody immense enthusiasm and even some rebellion. Before we dive in, let’s gain some perspective. This month’s New Moon is our on-ramp for the final eclipse season of 2017. With its alignment to Mars, the warrior of the solar system, this New Moon indicates that some gusto and courage are required. Both Mars and the Sun have been traveling in close proximity since the latter end of June. It’s likely stirred up some anger, assertiveness, violence, sexual lustiness, and possibly an awareness of inner strength in many of us the past several weeks.

Consider situations that have erupted recently, especially those that synched up with the Full Moon on July 8. This New Moon signifies a dramatic shift in those situations and a powerful transition into new themes and realities over the next full lunation cycle (approximately one month). Consider the fixed nature of Leo and its archetypal inner fire. This helps to breathe new life into creative projects and goals, but it also insures that what we put into motion has some stability and sense of permanence about it. Choose wisely about what you're presently devoting your time and energy to, and also be exceptionally mindful of what you commit to at this point. With the power of Mars and its square to Uranus, take into consideration any rebellious and individualistic impulses.

Make sure that your choices leave room for freedom of self-expression. That’s incredibly important, because in the coming two weeks the New Moon will culminate in a partial eclipse of the Moon in Aquarius, which will greatly amplify rebellious impulses and test our strength once we have a clearer perspective. Eclipses always accelerate what’s been going in our lives, so if you’re already overwhelmed, then use this time to strengthen your support base and better arm yourself for upcoming challenges. However, if you feel confident in your present course of action, then these upcoming eclipses (Aug 7 & Aug 21) will help to move you much further along than you presently think is possible. Remember, we have two New Moons this year in Leo. Aug 21 is a total solar eclipse in Leo, which will be visible for the entire United States.

Use this New Moon to greatly strengthen your boundaries and determination. This is a powerful launching pad for things you wish to set into motion. Step into this dark of the Moon confidently with valor. Use this moment wisely, as Mercury’s retrograde cycle begins Aug 12, which will help us rework and re-strategize what we’re presently dealing with. This lunation can help you better align with your inner reservoir of strength, vitality, passion, and power. Direct this energy consciously toward things that best align with your authentic, spiritual path. Use just enough force to get things going, but be mindful of the power you actually have. The warrior archetype is a necessary function for self-defense and taking action in the world, but can so easily turn destructive if we aren’t conscious of our true motivations. If you’re really assured, then step up and make it happen!

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Holding It Together: New Moon in Leo 2016

Dusty 'Sunrise' at core of galaxy; image by NASA/JPL-Caltech

Dusty 'Sunrise' at core of galaxy; image by NASA/JPL-Caltech

New Moon @ 10 Leo 58'

Aug 2, 2016

1:44 PM Pacific

4:44 PM Eastern

August’s New Moon in tropical Leo might feel like a welcome relief from the tension and seriousness of recent, past lunations. Leo correlates with a strong desire to play and cultivate joy. The subjective nature of Leo relates to the shaping of a consciousness attuned to the demands of the immediate experience. But like any New Moon, this is a moment of inner attunement in light of the conscious anticipation of new potential. In other words, the collective energy is low and directed toward conservation but ready to expend energy in new expressions.
Leo’s extroverted nature extends this New Moon’s manifestation outwardly and its fiery element helps to vitalize and nourish willpower to renew any lost enthusiasm. Carrying the rulership of the Sun, Leo’s signature at the start of August can help you to revitalize and begin a process of recovering purpose, strength, presence, and gravitas. The Sun, the central star of our solar system, has a gravitational force that is rather demanding, to say the least. With the power of a star, this Leo New Moon carries tremendous force which you can use to build up confidence and sanity.
The past two lunations, involving contacts with Pluto (an object symbolic of archetypes antithetical to the Sun), can have the effect of dampening personal significance. Plutonian events can mitigate willpower as they dredge up an awareness of harsh realities beyond one’s control. That may have been a subtle or significant experience over the past month for you. In the awareness of the shadow, the ego can often feel frightened or overwhelmed in the face of such powerful inner truths. If you’ve felt that way recently, focus your attention on this lunation as a source of motivation and self-definition.
Saturn’s trine to the New Moon from Sagittarius promises that effort and hard work (begun now or from past efforts) will accelerate progress toward certain goals and objectives. Saturn invites us to channel this building enthusiasm in directions that have practical applicability and that can help us grow in new directions. This fits well with Saturn turning stationary direct on Aug 13, which will bring to an end a period of consolidation and adjustment of priorities. Uranus in Aries, though far from a close trine, aids the building energy through the formation of a loose grand trine.
This is enough to help you to get excited about something, to breathe new life and energy into things that have been neglected or stagnant. Fire energy creates the impetus and motivation to continue moving forward, to keep thriving in the face of adversity. Two quincunx aspects to the New Moon from both Neptune and Pluto also amplify a sense of purpose and direction. To get to where you want to go now may require some seemingly awkward adjustments, and it may not come easily, but there is some magic with this New Moon that can help you find the stamina or determination that you need.

New life is being put into motion at this lunar beginning. Never underestimate the life force--the will to live. It moves through us biologically as well as spiritually. Whether you’re conscious of it or not, it moves far beyond your body, shaping the experiences throughout your daily life. If you desire something, know that the life force will see to it that you have the opportunity to attain it. With this Leo New Moon, perhaps you simply need a reminder of the joy and playfulness that is an essential part of our human experience. And also, if you make the effort, you can find stability and purposeful direction in your life. Let loose and allow yourself a moment to shine in some way; trust that the Sun, the central star in the solar system, will hold things together (at least for a while).

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