New Moon in Pisces 2016

Glimpsing the Miraculous: Total Solar Eclipse in Pisces 2016

Sun Rays at Lake Heiniö, Pieksämäki; photo by Vijo Viitanen, 2006.

Total Solar Eclipse @ 18 Pisces 56'
March 8, 2016
8:54 PM Eastern
5:54 PM Pacific

As the current lunar cycle begins again, the Sun and Moon align to create a Total Solar Eclipse alongside a strong emphasis of planets (including the eclipse) in the tropical sign of Pisces. Pisces is a sign which describes perceptions that are above and beyond the reality of our everyday experiences—those of a “spiritual” and transcendent nature. From my perspective, everything in life is essentially spiritual. Every experience we have is a part of our spiritual journey. Whether you're meditating in a monastery or staring at the television until you die, you're on a spiritual path. But for many people living in the modern world, conditioned by overt materialism and existentialism, the world of the senses is taken entirely at face value.

Eclipses are potent moments in time where we are afforded the opportunity to see beyond surface appearances, and they often correlate with profound inner shifts and changes. In Pisces, we come to the realization that life itself is not what it appears to be. “Spiritual”, when used in the Piscean context, describes the awareness, even if it’s just intellectual, that the world before us is somehow more symbolic than it is literal. To fully integrate the ultimate perception of Pisces, one must accept that events throughout life are not random products of chance or chaos—that what may, at first glance, appear to be chaotic, is actually directed by some intelligence that is far beyond that of our own. A higher spiritual understanding of life is the awareness that we are, always, engaging in a dialogue with an intelligent universe.

This month, the heavy cluster of planets in Pisces including Neptune, Mercury, Ceres, Sun, Chiron (and even the south node of the Moon), draw our attention to this deeper metaphysical revelation about our reality. The world of objects and random events are merely the ghostly emanations of archetypal energies embedded in a vast field that encapsulates the physical world. That is a difficult perception to carry with you throughout your daily life. The mind simply cannot fully accept it most of the time (and for good reason). But at times such as this, or during particular cycles in our lives (such as transits of planets through the 12th house or the cycles of Neptune in our horoscope), we are given an opportunity to glimpse this deeper understanding of the world around us.

We are given the chance to witness “miracles”—experiences that suggest that there is something more going on here than meets the eye. The Solar Eclipse itself makes a conjunction (alignment) with Chiron. This interesting object, discovered in 1977, appears, often, to have a deep correlation with miraculous and spontaneous healings and the reversal of disease processes (physically, mentally, and emotionally). But Chiron’s highest teaching appears to be that one’s attitude towards reality can actually change it and cause it to shift. To witness the miraculous with this eclipse, you must be open to the possibility that magic, synchronicity, and the existence of fate are very real things we interact with on a daily basis.

The planet Jupiter in Virgo lies directly opposite the Solar Eclipse while the planet Saturn in Sagittarius makes a 90 degrees aspect (a square) to both the eclipse/Chiron and Jupiter.This lunation is one that contains a potent dynamic of tension—tension you can use to make something happen and fully manifest. The square aspect from Saturn requires discipline, focus, and considerable effort. But consider that, above all else, your faith and trust in life will be your true ally during this current lunar cycle, even in the face of a reality that may seem quite daunting or challenging.

Jupiter in Virgo invites us to somehow integrate this mystical, Piscean perspective into our everyday lives in some practical way that can be useful to ourselves as well as others. And Saturn in Sagittarius invites us to take actions that require intent and sustained focus to break free of limiting beliefs, routines, and patterns which have halted growth and maturity. There is a way to break through the prison of your current perception, but you must honor the illusion that lies before you as a means through which spirit chooses to communicate wisdom and teachings to you. To successfully integrate this lunation, you must engage with reality in a conscious and sober way. Choosing to escape what you don’t want to face, will make this lunation more difficult. Make an effort with your New Moon meditation to find the magical and miraculous in your everyday life and the affairs of the world.

No matter what difficulties you encounter now, big or small, simply remind yourself that things aren’t what they seem. Explore the possibility that random events, whether painful or wonderful, are a form of communication, a means through which some vaster part of yourself and your reality is choosing to speak to you. As you engage with the world during this New Moon/Solar Eclipse, remain fully conscious and willing to accept that your life is guiding you toward a higher, imperceptible potential that only you can intuit deep within yourself. And then ask yourself throughout the next several days, or weeks, “Am I trusting?” When you do that, when you open yourself to trusting the moment, you may just glimpse the miraculous.

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