New Moon in Pisces 2019

Into the Flow: New Moon in Pisces 2019

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newsal14 at Turkish Wikipedia

New Moon @ 15 Pisces 47’

March 6, 2019

8:04 AM Los Angeles

11:04 AM New York

4:04 PM London

March 7, 2019

12:04 AM Beijing

3:04 AM Sydney

As we move into the New Moon in tropical Pisces this month, there is the usual emphasis of tending more to the inner life. New Moon's are natural periods requiring increased rest, recovery, and careful contemplation of emerging potentials. Following Mercury's retrograde station, we're beginning a collective process of reflection, revision, and reconsideration. With the New Moon's conjunction with Neptune in the sign of Pisces, this lunation blatantly suggests taking your time before executing critical projects or launches.

Neptune so often obscures the facts or limits access to clarity. Also, feeling the need to disengage or indulge distraction can be exceptionally high. It is tempting to lose focus or drift off somewhere beyond the mundane. Indeed, this New Moon may be challenging to navigate if you're trying to stay on task or remain engaged in something pragmatic. However, Saturn's sextile from Capricorn offers some assistance or helpful reminders of the practical dimensions we need to tend to.

Of course, if you don't need to remain focused on things concrete, this lunation permits one to withdraw and disconnect. It is a poignant reminder that mystery engulfs us and that no matter how much we think we know, there's more we don't know, and possibly more we don't know that we don't know. A healthy response to this strong Neptune/Pisces influx is to embrace humility and an attitude of surrender. Combined with Mercury's retrograde cycle in the next three weeks, you have more time than you think to make appropriate revisions.

While yes, New Moon's plant a seed or correlate with the birth of a new process, consider that you'll need to take more time to gather the data and straighten out glitches. One of the classic correlative manifestations of this combination of symbols is a mysterious problem or glitch (technical or otherwise) that currently has no obvious solution or means to fix it. Excessive delays, setbacks, and obfuscations are possible, so give yourself the time and space to maneuver around obstacles.

This lunation isn't a moment where things are likely to run smoothly, so best prepare yourself to gain awareness of the blind spots. If possible, take some pressure off of yourself with this lunation, and open your heart and mind to a new way of looking at a problem or situation. Neptune's most positive face brings us an unusual awareness, experience, or vision that expands consciousness. Move with the current instead of fighting to assert your direction, and you'll be blessed with vivid insights.