New Moon in Taurus 2015

The Flow of Love: New Moon in Taurus 2015

Venus, sitting on a rainbow, with her devotees who offer
their hearts to her; artist anonymous, 15th Century. 
New Moon @ 26 Taurus 55'
May 17, 2015
9:13 PM Pacific
May 18, 2015
12:13 AM Eastern

Just before Mercury turns stationary retrograde, the Sun and Moon conjoin in the tropical sign of Taurus. Taurus invites you to get into your body and feel your way through all of this. Most of the time, our decisions are based on some complex mental process influenced by conditioning, early imprinting, belief systems and ideas, but with Mercury’s retrograde cycle and the highly palpable nature of Taurus, you are encouraged to listen to what your body is saying and what it actually needs with this New Moon.

Venus in Cancer, the ruler of Taurus, is applying to an opposition to Pluto. This brings up some deep issues around intimacy and trust. Over the next few days, Venus and Pluto will highlight the need for emotional honesty and vulnerability in your relations with others. Direct eye contact and intimate confrontation may be a part of that.

The body and the mind are ultimately inseparable; they are but perceived fragments of the psyche and self. Venus in Cancer is ultimately seeking love, a kind of unconditional love that transcends the biological simulacrum fueled by oxytocin, vasopressin and endogenous opiate receptors. The biological experience of love may ultimately be but a filtered down expression of a vaster, universal force that possibly binds the universe, a force that flows into your life freely and spontaneously.

Pluto may prompt you to explore how you are allowing the flow of love to enter your life. An assessment of boundaries may be necessary. Too many walls constructed by rigid thoughts, beliefs, and theoretical ideas can often block the vastness of love that seeks to fill your body and ultimately your life. Conversely, too much openness and compassion can leave you vulnerable to predators that can feed on the love emanating from the body and soul.

How do we find the balance? This is the ultimate evolutionary struggle. Often, love can deceive us. Sometimes our compassion and empathy can lead us into dangerous territory. But, for most of us, it is these very qualities that make us unique as human beings. We have the ability to move beyond our primal instincts and into a higher vibration of consciousness that ultimately transcends the body.

And thus, love may be a residuum of a higher density, a density we may only experience as a glimpse predicated on the body’s interpretation. We can imagine that life is an expression of love—a creative impulse that is the ultimate architect of existence. So, love is powerful force. And like anything powerful, it can create and it can destroy. Consider that over the next few days. It implicates immense responsibility. And with Mercury retrograde you have time to think and feel it through.

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