New Moon in Virgo 2015

Gifts from the Great Mystery: Partial Solar Eclipse in Virgo 2015

Partial solar eclipse of the midnight Sun in Tromso, Norway; photo
by Rhys Jones, June 2011.

Partial Solar Eclipse @ 20 Virgo 10'
September 12, 2015
11:41 PM Pacific
September 13, 2015
2:41 AM Eastern

This month’s New Moon initiates the final eclipse season of 2015, which means that this New Moon is also a solar eclipse. To many ancient cultures, eclipses were ominous astronomical events perceived as omens of death, disease, and potential destruction. They were so important to ancient astrologers/astronomers that they painstakingly worked to predict their occurrences. It’s true that in modern, mundane astrology, eclipses are often seen to correlate with political changes and significant collective events, especially if they’re visible over a specific region. On a personal level, eclipses have a definite effect, though their influence in our personal horoscopes is often hard to see if there’s any at all.

This month’s New Moon is a partial solar eclipse in the tropical sign of Virgo, and will only be visible to a few regions below the equator. So, it won’t have much of a correlation to anything major here in the northern hemisphere, but that doesn’t mean it won’t permeate throughout the collective psyche. According to our theories the more total the eclipse the more influential it is. So, this isn’t an exceptionally potent eclipse. A solar eclipse happens when the declination of the Sun and Moon during their monthly conjunction is aligned in such a way that the Moon literally passes over the Sun. During a partial eclipse, both objects are only slightly aligned, resulting in a partial blotting out of the Sun’s light as the Moon passes by.

Symbolically speaking, the unconscious momentarily trumps the conscious mind. What a wonderful opportunity. During a partial eclipse, it’s like letting the lid off just a little bit, to allow some otherwise hidden insights to become revealed. Eclipses are moments of reflection and a time to step back and observe yourself more deeply. They can be opportunities to view your reality from a different vantage point, and to allow a minor reconfiguration of your psyche to take place. In other words, if you are conscious of this process, you come out of the eclipse portal renewed and your ego slightly altered. That’s because the eclipse has the power to make the ego a little more transparent. 
Your facades become obviously superficial and from there you can make some minor adjustments.

This partial solar eclipse also occurs in direct opposition to the centaur object Chiron in the tropical sign of Pisces. Chiron is said to have an affinity with the sign of Virgo. That doesn’t mean that it “rules” Virgo, but that it has a resonance with the archetype. Why is that? According to the myth, Chiron was shot by a poison arrow, and being immortal, he faced an eternity of pain and suffering (don’t worry he was eventually liberated from such a fate in the end). Chiron was a master of the healing arts (including astrology), and so Chiron has this affinity with the archetype of the Wounded Healer. It symbolizes overcoming pain and suffering to give something back to others—to share some healing gift or magical power. The sign of Virgo is associated with service, competence, skillfulness, and being of use.

The sign of Virgo is an impulse within the psyche to strive for some ideal of perfection—to improve and better oneself and one’s life circumstances. Thus, these themes are likely to be floating around with this eclipse. You may have subtle insights about how you can shift a wound through a shift of your perception about it. It’s amazing how powerful the mind truly is, how you can focus so much on something that hurts you that you can actually make it louder, make it stronger. And sometimes, all you need to do is shift your attention to someone else, or some other task that gives you a sense of purpose and meaning, and suddenly what hurt doesn’t hurt so much.

Chiron in Pisces is a “mystical” force. It brings you the message that healing can sometimes be miraculous. How does that happen? It’s often a mystery to the mind, and especially to the doctors who diagnosed you with a terminal illness. The power of a belief can be so influential that it may have the power to kill you or completely reverse your condition. This solar eclipse may serve to remind you that you are not a diagnosis; you don’t fit into a neat and perfect little box. You are a complex, spiritual being with a unique path and destiny. And your experiences, whether positive and negative, are uniquely your own. Your healing path is uniquely your own. And guess what. The body wants to heal as much as the mind does.

Sometimes, your body manifests things to get your attention about something you’re not doing, or something you’re not seeing or wanting to acknowledge. Illness is always an opportunity to acquire wisdom. Chiron requires that we bring forth a special gift, but that requires conscious effort to hone the appropriate skills. And because the gift lies in the wound, we don’t want to go there. We’d rather distract ourselves then make the effort to bring it forth and into the world. But that is usually not the wisest strategy. When Virgo is highlighted, we need to get to work, and we need to focus on obtaining competence, which comes from practice and application of our skills.

Consider that this eclipse moment merely points the way; it brings about the insight and realization. The path will unfold throughout this current lunar cycle, reaching a breakthrough point at the total lunar eclipse in Aries two weeks from now. When we stop focusing on “getting it right” or “making it perfect”, and we just take the steps to get there, things often have a way of miraculously coming together, and what we create, what we give to the world, is truly beyond what we even imagined it could be. That’s because what’s inside of us comes from some other place. And we are only the conduit for the gifts given by the great mystery. 

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