New Year Astrology

Mars in Aries & Sun/Saturn Conjunction

K Danko [CC BY-SA 3.0 (]

K Danko [CC BY-SA 3.0 (]

As we say farewell to 2018, the warrior planet Mars enters its home sign, Aries, just as the Sun conjoins Saturn in Capricorn. While the Gregorian calendar is somewhat arbitrary and disconnected from the natural world, the Gregorian New Year is a thing we westerners all celebrate (even if it begins in the dead cold of winter for the northern hemisphere). So, Happy New Year!

As 2019 begins, Mars in Aries seems like a good start. And combined with the Sun's conjunction with Saturn, we get an influx of high motivation and ambition. 2019 begins in the waning Moon phase heading into an eclipse. So hold off on your significant initiations, launches, and promotions until the second week of January (at least). The waning Moon, especially in the eclipse zone, favors release, not acquisition.

But, while the Sun/Saturn connection could make for more oppressive than usual New Years hangovers, it is a prime aspect for prioritization. Saturn is currently not visible in the sky. It's conjunction with the Sun, actually, diminishes its strength and power. But, the Sun's cyclic alignment with Saturn is an opportunity to renew your long-term goals, strategies, and desired achievements. That fits well with New Year resolution making.

Negative consequences won't hit so hard under the Sun/Saturn conjunction, but Saturn's rule of karma promises they WILL hit eventually, like three to six months from now. So stick to your good behavior. Mars will be in Aries until Feb. 14. Mars in Aries is extra bold, passionate, and assertive, but also more volatile and potentially bombastic. Be wary of triggering anyone or anything on the edge of an outburst, or else you'll likely meet fury.

However, on the positive side, Mars in Aries is full of firey, cardinal energy, which combined with Jupiter in Sagittarius, can provide extraneous enthusiasm for setting off on an adventure. If you plan your journey post-eclipse (after Jan. 5), you'll be on less shaky ground. This month, featuring Mars in Aries and two eclipses, is incredibly conducive to rapid-fire changes and transitions, especially changes we catalyze ourselves. Mars in Aries can empower willfulness and help us all tackle our New Years' objectives.

For the next month and a half, anticipate extra courageousness, bravery, and sexual robustness. Mars in Aries dares us to seek new challenges, healthy stressors, and to face fears head-on. In the midst of eclipse season, our initiations have more impact and profundity. But consider if you'll be able to maintain this momentum for the long-haul. Mars can quickly get us up the mountain, but not always back down. This acceleration of change helps us to confidently head into the New Year while leaving 2018 in the stardust.