Pluto Conjunct Sun

Facing the Bottom Line: Sun Conjunct Pluto 2016

An asana from the Introspection Series of Andhakara Yoga; photo
by Andhakara via Wikimedia Commons. 

Shortly after Mercury turns stationary retrograde (pauses in the sky and then begins to move “backwards”), the Sun will conjoin (make a perceived alignment) with the planet Pluto in the tropical sign of Capricorn. The Sun’s transit through Capricorn each year correlates with a time of “getting serious” about matters in our lives—whether through intense introspection or a general review of the year we left behind. The Gregorian calendar (our synthetic calendar with no relation to natural time) begins and ends in Capricorn. Perhaps this was some unwitting “conspiracy” to keep western society locked in that “eye on the prize” mentality; or perhaps it’s merely a reflection of what we value culturally.

Capricorn is a sign, in its highest expression, that seeks structure, discipline and focus to achieve greatness. It embodies the qualities needed for productivity and achievement. And yet, Capricorn, interestingly, is a yin (“feminine”) sign—though its cardinal modality gives it assertiveness and drive. But primarily, being a yin and introverted archetype, Capricorn symbolizes a psychic impulse toward solitude. Any public figure will tell you how valuable such a thing is to recharge. To achieve something requires that we distance ourselves from distraction and outer stimulus. However we experience this each year, the Sun in Capricorn has us all prioritizing and setting goals.

With the New Year, this manifests as the setting of resolutions, and Capricorn is always supportive of that (probably ecstatic over it). As the Sun joins Pluto on Jan. 5, along with Mercury’s station, you may come to a point of stasis in your life (momentarily). All that busy chatter and hectic turmoil from the holidays are behind you, and suddenly you find that your mind is able to slow down. What a gift! Take it in. Take a break, however you can. Turn inward. Allow yourself to sink deep into yourself over the next few days. Don’t you deserve that? Maybe you’ve set some resolutions, but it’s possible you lack the momentum at this moment.

Don’t let that discourage you. Like I said, the New Year is some contrived thing. If you aren’t on your way up that mountain because the week begun and it’s the New Year, it doesn’t mean that you’re lazy, or doomed to fail, but that you’re simply responsive to the messages from your soul. And what is your soul saying to you? The only way to find out is to listen and take it in. Take your time. Mercury is changing face. You may find that over the next three weeks you'll go from an extroverted to an introverted state, or vice versa. But at the moment, you’re crossing a boundary, and at the threshold is Pluto—god of the underworld.

Pluto and Capricorn like to cut out all the crap and the superfluous. These archetypes point you to that bottom line. For you, what is it? In order to get from A to B, requires that you have some understanding of where you currently are and where you intend to go. Everything in between will surprise you. But those two points are essential to understand for any intention to have clarity and to succeed. But, the Sun is also coming to contact Uranus, via a square (90 degree angle). You may be thirsty for freedom and less inclined to conformity. That aspect will be exact on Jan. 7—though its presence will be felt through its aspectual orb to Pluto and the Sun. Both Pluto and Uranus are also involved in the New Moon on Jan. 9.

So, maybe, you haven’t missed the deadline. The Moon is waning, and Mercury is stationing. Your energy is lower than usual. Reset your focus and intentions toward the New Moon, and climb the new lunar cycle toward success and the manifestation of your goals. These days before the weekend, use this as a time to simply recharge and slow down.  If you try to push too hard now, you’re going to come up against a heck of a lot of resistance and obstacles. And that will only discourage you. After the New Moon passes, that building lunar energy will carry you much further. Take some pressure off and simply be with yourself and there you will realize your true priorities—there you will face the bottom line.