Pluto square Mars

Crisis or Consciousness: The Mars, Uranus and Pluto T-Square

A contemporary statue of the Buddha in red lighting;
 photo by Aaron Logan, 2004. 

As Mars makes its way through Libra, it will come into contact with the slowly dissipating square between the planets Uranus and Pluto—the defining aspect of our current era. Mars will contact Pluto on Dec. 6 (via a 90 degree square aspect) and Uranus on Dec. 10 (via a 180 degree opposition). The relationship of these three planets forms a structure in the sky known as a t-square. A t-square of any kind brings with it a feeling of considerable tension and holds the potential for conflict, but when involving Mars, Uranus and Pluto, the conflict is particularly pronounced.

The only way to resolve the crisis peacefully is through conscious effort and focus on reaching the higher ground (which exists for any astrological configuration, no matter how grim it looks). On a collective level, Mars’ involvement with the Uranus/Pluto square will likely correlate with increased media attention on issues pertaining to the need for “progressive” social change as a reaction to violence. This is expected considering recent events inundating the news (if you’ve been paying attention). But as these aspects come into focus, many of us will feel compelled to take some kind of action or urge community leaders to do so.

On a personal level, these planetary contacts can stimulate an urge for freedom, independence, and free expression of pent up anger, frustration, or tension. From Dec. 6 to Dec. 10, be very mindful of how you respond to these impulses and particularly mindful of how those around you are responding. As Mars comes into contact with Pluto on Dec. 6, you must be mindful of projecting unconscious issues onto external situations or people in your life. In moments such as this, the collective is highly prone to a frenzied response over things it has no ultimate control over. Often, we use external events and problems “out there” as a scapegoat for dealing with the problems within ourselves and in our personal lives. And then, once the event passes, we're still left to deal with our own lives, having accomplished nothing but a brief cathartic release. 

Anger and violence are the darker, more demonic manifestations of Pluto/Mars contact, particularly through hard aspects. Remember that Pluto is a higher vibration of Mars, and its ultimate teaching is that the darkness in the world is a reflection of the darkness within yourself, and you are not truly free, in that you do not truly have free will, until you are conscious of what motivates your desires and impulses, until you are aware of their ultimate root and origin. Before you get caught up in some unconscious hysteria, take a moment and simply allow yourself to feel what you’re feeling, acknowledge it, and allow it to pass through you as opposed to acting it out or projecting it onto some external situation. Often, that will lead to more hurt, pain or trauma and resolve absolutely nothing.

The higher expression of Mars square Pluto is taking the initiative to become conscious of your frustrations or anger (what it is that’s really at the heart of your feelings). Often, that will lead you to some deeper existential questions. Our collective anger likely stems from our blind adherence to delusional ideologies and false beliefs about how we are to live happy and meaningful lives. Mars in Libra is in detriment, which means that it is not free to fully express itself completely. Mars must integrate insights and assistance to function in this foreign terrain. The momentum that is building between Mars and Pluto could motivate you toward achieving some great things, but you must be open to help and the prospect of collaboration. Alienation or a lone wolf strategy will not work out too well under these aspects.

Mars in Libra must learn to compromise its will to the will of others for the sake of survival and maintaining cohesion within the community. That means changing your tactic or approach so that you can build bridges as opposed to burning them. As Mars contacts Uranus on Dec. 10, the urge for freedom and authentic self-expression will inundate the collective psyche. Again, be mindful of the temptation to sever all connections that you feel limit you and your ability to follow your own path. Your authentic path is important and needs to be acknowledged, but the views, wisdom, and advice from those you depend on and care for are equally important. The challenge posed by these aspects is the ability to be who you are in the face of those who see the world differently.

The days of Dec. 9 and 10 are also interesting because they correlate with Mercury reaching the first degree of Capricorn (while out of bounds, beyond the Sun’s lowest declination) and the exact opposition of Uranus and Pluto. Solving a particular dilemma at this time, either personally or collectively, requires that you think outside the box and that you expand your perception to rise above the consensus narrative you’ve been given. Mercury’s out of bounds transit across the point of the winter solstice will lead to an opportunity to obtain an innovative strategy to get to where you want to go. Remember that Mercury will turn retrograde through Capricorn in Jan. and you will have extra time to revise a plan of action as well as better situate yourself to achieve a certain goal or endpoint.

To conclude, we cannot force the world to change. We cannot force anyone to see the world the way that we see it. Our will and the pettiness of the ego are delusions in the face of the ultimate godhead (the homeostatic impulse within the universe). Who are we to force the world to change? Who are we to judge that the unfolding narrative of the universe is somehow wrong or defective? Our choice, always, is whether we choose the path of passive unconsciousness or an awakened participation in illuminating the unconscious universe. Over the next several days, look soberly at your frustrations. They will point to changes that need to be made, changes that will lead you to your higher purpose and destiny. And the more conscious our community, the less we'll need to act out our frustrations on the world around us. 

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