Sagittarius Full Moon 2014

A Wider Perception and What Really Matters: Full Moon in Sagittarius 2014

Yodo-gawa from Setsugekka, Snow, Moon and Flowers. A traditional concept that provided the subject for sets of paintings and prints by Ukiyo-e artists. Shows boats being hauled up the river, which flowed passed Osaka, under a full moon. Hokusai, circa 1833, via Wikimedia Commons.

Full Moon @ 22 Sagittarius 06'
June 12, 2014 
9:11 PM Pacific
June 13, 2014
12:11 AM Eastern 

The current lunar cycle culminates on June 12/13 with a Full Moon in the tropical sign of Sagittarius. What is blossoming for you now? What great, gestating truth emerges into the light for you to embrace? It may be some small thing, but that does not negate its relevance by any means. 

With the Sun in Gemini and the Moon in Sagittarius, we come to a point of integration, a confrontation of the mind with the truths of a higher awareness.With a Full Moon in the Gemini/Sagittarius axis a truly profound, unfathomable awareness can now be mentally processed and integrated into a logical construct and form.

With Mercury retrograde in Cancer those intellectual filters are momentarily cast aside, widening intuition and empowering our gut responses. We are feeling and thinking in some new and different ways—opening doors and widening perception.

A square to the Full Moon axis from Chiron in Pisces opens up channels to numinous dimensions; but the “spiritual insights” it offers must be intentionally sought through the active pursuit of truth. Chiron’s awareness brings healing and integration to the mind, which may extenuate certain wounds or blocks that have stymied the flow of higher consciousness.

But the most poignant aspect present with this lunation is an exact opposition between Venus in Taurus and Saturn in Scorpio. As the Full Moon seeks to widen our field of perception, Venus and Saturn create yet another confrontation which may play itself out quite dynamically in certain relationships.

Venus and Saturn shed light on what really matters between those we are relating to. Once you cut away all the clutter and all the facades you wear for social appeasement, you’re left with the bare essentials: what keeps you connected and engaged with another soul.

It may be something “karmic”—that is, something unresolved or seemingly incomplete. Whatever we choose to call it, there’s “glue”, a gravitational force that attracts us toward others that is truly beyond conscious awareness.

Venus and Saturn ask us to get real about that cohesive bond, to look beyond intellectual rationalizations to see to the heart of the matter. That realization is something we simply feel, somatically. It’s simple and primal. It doesn’t need to be analyzed to death.

While the Gemini influx is strong now, the Full Moon’s power momentarily supersedes the mind’s grip on awareness--broadening its reach in ways that doesn’t overpower it. Sagittarius seeks to break free of limiting routines and beliefs that keep us stuck in a rut.

Perhaps that urge for freedom manifests in our relationships. Perhaps it manifests as a desire to expand our personal worldview, or modify some theoretical framework. Maybe we see something from a broader vantage point, opening up space for acceptance of what is and an anticipation of what could be.

As this Full Moon culminates remember that what you know is limited. What you see is always filtered, but we’re always given what we can handle. We see only what we can deal with. There is a need to jump off a precipice and take a leap of faith on some level, but don’t take that literally.

There is a need to exercise caution with this lunation, because Sagittarius’ fiery passion can sometimes go to extremes. It can break off more than it can chew. Too much awareness can be overwhelming, sometimes perilous.

Too much enthusiasm can lead to regrettable mistakes. Mercury’s retrograde cycle reminds us to take our time to process and integrate whatever we’re working on. Remember that as you navigate this terrain