Scorpio Lunar Eclipse 2013

Sinking deep, growing strong.

 Lunar Eclipse
April 25, 2013
12:57 PM Pacific
05 degrees Scorpio 46'

The Vision 

With arms stretched outwards, like the wings of an eagle, I expand, breathing deeply, intensely, heart pounding. Engulfed by flames; I melt into my heart chakra, and then, slowly solidify into a levitating mass of opaque stone, shrouded in a wisp of iridescent steam. I am transformation.

The Story

In every life, a transformation takes place. On this deep and permanent level, no soul ever comes back quite the same. Sink into that space, that place of unalterable wisdom. It's like a rock, filled with a tenacity that even the most arduous of experiences will never shake. There is a stone inside of you, a powerful center of such stability and strength; it is a reservoir of great power. Now, imagine, all the mass of great strength beneath your feet. Going deep into the earth, for miles and miles. Feel the slow churning of fossils. The progressive erosion of rock and stone as it mixes, melts, and solidifies. You've come so far to get here, to this very moment. You've pushed through hardship, through pain, and even suffering. In every life, an alchemical process takes place; changing, evolving, transforming.

Saturn conjoins the north nodal lunar eclipse in Scorpio. That's some heavy shit. Breathe deep, and focus on those spots within you where stagnation has taken hold. It's time to look to where you can begin letting go, let it all burn down. When you get past the fear, it's beautiful. It's liberating. It's the doorway to freedom. Life moves on. Everything changes. You know that, I know that, but through it all, we sometimes forget. We become attached; we identify with the impermanent. Every so often, however, life reminds us, that eventually something has got to give. This could very well be one of those times. Work with it. Move with it. Flow with it. It's hard to embrace pain, because it's so damn painful. Who enjoys it? With the exception of some masochistic Scorpios, most of us would rather not go there. But, pain is a message, it's a warning, and essentially, it's there to help us out, believe it or not.

This is a very powerful karmic vortex, it opens a portal to the past like nobody's (er everybody's) business. Feel the doorway to the eternal, the ethereal memories  of lives long gone, which loom like ghosts in the backdrop of the moment. There are powerful lessons here, great feats of learning. Much wisdom to be acquired. Embrace it, digest it. What's bubbling beneath the surface, it needs expression. Those feelings you'd rather keep under the rug for a little while longer; just relieve some of the pressure. All the stuff that makes you so damn uncomfortable, confront it. Whatever it is, it needs a healthy outlet and release, otherwise the scorpion's sting could leave some permanent wounds in its wake. Sinking deep, growing strong. Sit with that.

Key Aspects

Lunar Eclipse trine Neptune: 
Powerful mystical and spiritual insight permeates the collective. Dreams, visions, or maybe a heightened quasi psychedelic perspective allows for a deeper penetration of reality. Ride the wave.

Oppositon Mars/Sun conjunction:
We experienced a rather intense, and albeit, explosive anaretic superior conjunction of the Sun and Mars just last week. The energy was violent, chaotic, and intense. That mingling of fiery forces is still reverberating strongly. In Taurus, some of that slows down and solidifies into a more tangible awareness. The two no longer have free reign to create havoc like before, but, in Taurus the energy can still be rather frustrating, because it has to contend with a much slower and progressive frequency. Don't let a feeling of overall impatience get the best of you. Use this as momentum to slowly, consciously, and carefully build your way out of whatever you find yourself in. Create a strategy, and slowly take the steps to, and make the moves that will get you to where you want to go. Rome wasn't built in a day, and blah blah blah.

Pallas Athena conjunct Venus in Taurus:
This greatly reinforces the advice above. This allows for the progressive development of solutions to problems, and for making decisive and carefully plotted creative connections.

Saturn/Lunar Eclipse inconjunct Uranus
Much anticipated breakthroughs may not come all at once, or as anticipated--leading possibly to a grating sense of frustration. Slow methodical change must strike a deal with sudden spontaneous action. 

Lunar Eclipse ruled by Pluto (square Uranus)
Radical, powerful, and ingenious creative forces exert a cathartic release of energy into the collective. Via the Trine to Neptune, great new visions for the future await us all. It's time to break out of that euclidean mold. Life is an organic process of constant shifting and changing. It's a sign of the times. What hasn't been working, isn't going to. Let it go. Embrace the new. We must redefine the radical. That means what we think of as radical just isn't anymore. What happened in the 60's, happened to bring forth the seeds of a new era and paradigmatic shift. It's time to put it all into a critical restructuring and assimilation process, sorting the wheat from the chaff.

Eclipse Activations
This is when the energy and events associated with this eclipse are experienced most strongly. 

April 19, 2013: Prior to the eclipse event, Venus makes an opposition
April 27, 2013: Mars opposes Eclipse exactly
June  3, 2013: Saturn conjoins Eclipse (retrograde)
August 11, 2013: Saturn conjoins Eclipse (direct)
August 5, 2014: Mars conjoins Eclipse

Take care of yourself.

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