Scorpio New Moon 2019

New Views in the Dark Moon: New Moon in Scorpio 2019

Alias 0591 from the Netherlands [CC BY 2.0 (]

Alias 0591 from the Netherlands [CC BY 2.0 (]

New Moon @ 4 degrees Scorpio 25'

October 27, 2019

8:38 PM Los Angeles

11:38 PM New York

October 28, 2019

3:38 AM London

11:38 AM Beijing

2:38 AM Sydney

This month's dark Moon occurs in tropical Scorpio while Mercury stations retrograde. The official start of the retrograde is October 31, while Mercury conjoins Venus. With the New Moon ruler, Mars, in Libra, Mercury, and Venus' approaching conjunction further highlight pivotal relational dialogues. Consider Scorpio the sign of authenticity, and how honesty, vulnerability, and overall realness may be prominent themes of several encounters.

The most striking aspect to this New Moon is Uranus' close opposition. It correlates with a desire to break with convention, usurp the status quo, or the arrival of the unexpected. New Moons, as natural starting points, generate formative momentum. While the collective energy may be lower, new things are starting to take root. With this New Moon, it can be the sudden start of a conversation, dialogue, relationship, or creative project that seeks to change a belief or perception.

While Mercury's retrograde cycles can be points of frustration, correlating with setbacks, delays, or mechanical breakdowns, they also work to break down and restructure our beliefs. Consider the need to keep an open mind, not only under the New Moon itself but especially in the following week. Intense and serendipitous meetups can serve to break down barriers revealing vital insights and information.