Scorpio Season

The Great Mystery: New Moon in Scorpio 2018

By Juliancolton [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons

By Juliancolton [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons

New Moon @ 15 Scorpio

November 7. 2018

8:02 AM Los Angeles

11:02 AM New York

4:02 PM London

November 8, 2018

12:02 AM Beijing

3:02 AM Sydney

We are sinking into the New Moon in tropical Scorpio, just before Jupiter enters Sagittarius Nov. 8. Occurring in a yin, water sign, this Scorpio New Moon draws us deep into the shadows to recharge, rest, and assimilate. With a trine aspect to Neptune and sextile to Pluto, this is a soulful and penetrating lunation, emphasizing inwardnes and reflection.

Jupiter has been transiting Scorpio since early October 2017. Since then, Jupiter has permeated barriers which have hidden and concealed vital truths, insights, and perspectives. Unveiling blind spots, secrets and repressions, Jupiter in Scorpio has helped to expand our awareness of dangers as well as hidden passions, desires, and potentials.

The Scorpio archetype represents the distant echoes of our primordial past and nature, those compulsions, reflexes, and desires which get conditioned out of us by the intrusion of modern culture. When we strip away the cultural accouterments, such as intense moments of terror or ecstasy, we're left with the experience of the authentic and uncensored inner animal.

Jupiter in Scorpio may have brought about such intense experiences, revealing the truth of what we are or what we want. For some, that may have been painful, or for others, a period of liberation from censorship or conformity. This New Moon is exceptionally fertile, and it invites us to step into our realness and plant the seeds for a fresh, authentic path.

Jupiter's transit through Sagittarius the next year will bolster confidence, optimism, hope, and faith. For those that need it, this transit will be helpful, but Jupiter in Sagittarius can inflame all believers, even the radicalized and deluded. The following year of Jupiter's next journey can help us transition into a more outwardly expansive and hopeful path.

Utilize this New Moon to gather strength and emotional stamina. Moodiness or a neurotic avoidance of the truth exemplify the negative face of this lunation. Neptune's trine to the New Moon can heighten sensitivity, creating ease of emotional osmosis. Be mindful of your boundaries in the days surrounding this New Moon, as it may be easy to confuse your internal state with those around you. However, Neptune’s trine can inspire and connect us with the numinous.

Overall, this New Moon in Scorpio can generate increased reverence for the great mystery. The Scorpio, Neptune, and Pluto archetypes impulse us to probe deeply into hidden and occult dimensions, as there is far less interest in cursory matters. Consider what you need to get to the heart of with this lunation, and where you need to dive deep and surrender to your passions. Take your time, sit in peace, and open yourself to the new possibilities currently unfolding.


Revolutionary Rumbles: Sun Opposition Uranus

Photo by Chad Woodward

Photo by Chad Woodward

As we get closer to the Full Moon culmination (Oct. 24), the rumblings of revolution get louder, starting with the Sun's opposition to Uranus. Entering Scorpio, the Sun faces off with the God/Goddess of mutation, innovation, and genius. This week is likely to be filled with rapid, or unanticipated shifts in both internal and external environments.

Uranus triggers the desire to seek freedom from the past as well as the freedom to make a unique stamp on the world. As the Full Moon blossoms this week, it sends out powerful Uranian surges which can make conformity a challenge and stability hard to maintain. The approaching Full Moon can synchronize with much-needed change-waves, so surrender to something fresh and flow with your heart's desire to add something new to the daily narrative.

The Sun's transit through Scorpio also deepens the Venus retrograde cycle currently underway. On Oct. 26, Venus reaches its inferior conjunction with the Sun. Breakthroughs and new beginnings both infuse this week. And with Uranus, Sun, and Venus square the nodes, the current climate feels karmically "charged," that is, supported by events/actions which can be meaningful turning points in the soul's overall plan.

Yes, it can feel like a poignant crossroads is upon us in some way, so pay close attention to the current direction of flow. Venus retrograde beckons the conscious mind to get more rooted into the heart to reflect on what the soul wants. While things can feel incredibly accelerated this week, there are subtle dimensions which need tending. Many of the changes on the table are likely to manifest in the realm of interpersonal relationships, finances, and values.

The heart is getting louder, and with it, a magnetic pull to what you want and need. The Uranian emphasis adds a unique and individuating spin to all of this, so it's not the season to hold yourself back or sell yourself out to gain approval. Reflect on what it is that excites you and feeds both heart and soul, and let the mind figure out the logistics.