Summer Solstice Astrology

Maximum Light: Sagittarius Full Moon and Summer Solstice 2016

Summer solstice at Stonehenge; photo by Bill via Flickr. 

Summer solstice at Stonehenge; photo by Bill via Flickr. 

Full Moon @ 29 Sagittarius 32'

June 20, 2016

4:02 AM Pacific

7:02 AM Eastern

June's Full Moon occurs in tropical Sagittarius on the summer solstice. It also occurs at the 29th degree of Sagittarius, a degree known as the anaretic degree. To compound the significance of this lunation, it also conjoins the opening of Capricorn--the point of the winter solstice which connects us to the “Aries Point”. Significant events or lunations that happen near the Aries Point (technically the first degree of Aries), tend to correlate with major shifts in the collective and events that have widespread, global ramifications.

 Astrologer Eric Francis from Planet Waves calls the Aries Point the “intersection between the personal and collective”--a place where collective events influence our personal lives. In my experience, events that hit the end of a sign, the 29th degree, have a catalytic quality and carry with them a feeling that “something is about to explode”. I don’t say this to make any kind of prediction, although if you pay attention to events occurring on these degrees, you will notice an uncanny synchronicity with major political or world events taking place. On the personal level, it may simply feel like a highly charged Full Moon culmination, a feeling that certain aspects of your life are beginning to bear fruit or that certain realizations are flooding your conscious awareness.

Sagittarius is a sign that emphasizes an openness and acceptance of life experience. It’s the human ability to say “yes” to new experiences in an attempt to expand consciousness. This Full Moon carries with it a sense of anticipation, and due to its anaretic nature, a sense of something breaking through to a new level of expression in some explosive or catalytic way. The Sun and Venus stand on the other end of this Full Moon, with Venus over the sign line in tropical Cancer. The Sun and Venus’ close proximity throughout the last few weeks have emphasized our connections with others, a focus on relationships, and a need to slow down heightened activity. Venus’ entrance into Cancer takes certain relationships to another level, one that emphasizes bonding and intimate connection and the need to take better care of ourselves.

Venus in Cancer invites each of us to open our hearts to those we love as well as cultivating self-love, and the Sun’s transition into Cancer will amplify this heart opening need within us. Thus, this Full Moon can correlate with this feeling or need to say yes to love in some new way in your life. Perhaps that happens through an honest acknowledgment of your feelings or your attitude towards yourself. Its correlation with the summer solstice can give you a deeper sense of connection and trust in the life force impulse. Mercury opposite Saturn and t-square with Neptune, however, encourages honesty and realism in communication. Make sure that you’re making a mature and sober assessment of situations in your life without losing sight of the magic working through them.

Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, also aligns with the North Node in Virgo. Jupiter encourages you to be of service to others using your talents, abilities, and competence. You may find that during this Full Moon, you have something to share that can be of significant use to someone, or it may correlate with opportunities to be helpful in some practical way. Jupiter’s encroaching trine to Pluto in Capricorn, connects the need to serve to some larger, socially viable outlet. Use this expansive, Sagittarian energy to widen your awareness to a greater field of vision, to simply see, through your heart, what’s possible to make your life more purposeful and meaningful to yourself and others.

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