Taurus Full Moon

Be Gentle With Yourself: Full Moon in Taurus 2016

Image by Chad Woodward

Image by Chad Woodward

Full @ 22 Taurus 37'

November 14, 2016

5:52 AM Pacific

8:52 AM Eastern

This month’s Full Moon occurs in the tropical sign of Taurus. It’s also a Supermoon, which means that the Full Moon is closer to the Earth, at its perigee, and will appear slightly larger and brighter than usual (about 7 percent larger than an average Full Moon). In fact, this is the closest Full Moon since 1948. A Full Moon won’t be this close to Earth until 2034. Some astrologers feel that Supermoons are more powerful and significant. Emotional sensitivity may be more pronounced. The size increase does make the Moon a little more striking to look at, especially if you catch it at Moonrise (just after Sunset) or Moonset (just before Sunrise the following morning) in relation to objects on the horizon (mountains, hills, buildings, etc.).

In the sign of Taurus, this Full Moon emphasizes the physical body, the natural world, and the cultivation of inner stillness. Utilize this lunar climax as a moment to ground yourself and find your center. With the election now over here in the United States, the collective energy could use a moment to calm down. The Moon is exalted in Taurus, which means it has more ease of expression. As a symbol of nurturance, safety, and comfort, the Moon generates a notable desire to attend to our needs, especially physical ones while in Taurus. You may find a slight heightening of your senses and an increased interest in good food, music, sensual pleasure, and natural surroundings.

While a Full Moon is usually a time of increased energy, Taurus isn’t a sign that stimulates interest in much activity. A good hike or walk in a park may be all that you need to expend excess energy. Be gentle with yourself. Take a breather. With the Sun in Scorpio conjunct the dark Moon Lilith, it is a good time to feel deeper into yourself and the situations in your life. To really take advantage of this, use this Full Moon moment to quiet your mind and get in touch with your primal self--that part of you that is often dampened down by society and modern culture. We must surrender our inner animal and abandon ourselves to receive full cultural imprinting, which leaves some part of ourselves neglected and caged.

With this calming Full Moon in Taurus, it’s a good time to let that wild part of yourself out for a bit. In fact, feel safe in the notion that you can surrender to your senses and desires without them causing much harm. Uranus, Eris, and Ceres quincunx the Sun and Lilith may create some hesitation in relation to fully tearing through any barriers in the moment, but that works well for the Moon and Taurus. Consider where you need to release any repressed parts of yourself in a gentle way that won’t incite too much upset, but don’t neglect or ignore whatever comes up for you. If you can find some space to relax and simply be yourself, you’ll come closer to your wholeness, inner animal and all.

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