Is the Jupiter/Uranus Opposition Still Relevant?

Somewhere in central California; photo by Chad Woodward, 2018. 

Somewhere in central California; photo by Chad Woodward, 2018. 

The short answer is yes. An opposition is 180 degrees and while Jupiter and Uranus' current relationship may not be exact, precisely, they both occupy opposing signs. Whole sign aspects were widely used by ancient astrologers, and they're still relevant today. With Uranus retrograding back to Aries, and Jupiter heading for Sagittarius soon, this oppositional relationship will only last until Nov. 7. 

Uranus in Taurus is still something we're all adjusting. Its entry into a new area of your chart and life will be making waves for the next seven years. With Jupiter's current involvement, the genius/innovative, radical revolutionary takes on a more bombastic quality, and changes come about more easily. Exploring the house Taurus rules in your chart could provide insight into the themes currently undergoing a revolution/liberation in your life. 

Jupiter & Uranus were in exact opposition from Dec. 2016 through Sept. 2017 in the Aries/Libra axis. Their cyclic conjunctions, squares, and oppositions lead to electric revolutionary impulses in the political, scientific, and creative landscapes. The combination of Jupiter/Uranus is inherently innovative and original, inspiring many to seek freedom in new frontiers or to release themselves from the status quo, with notable success.

So from now until early Nov., this broad Jupiter/Uranus oppositional relationship gives you added motivation to revolutionize some part of your life. Think in what way you could go above and beyond your limitations to bring something fresh and exciting into the foreground. The Moon's transit through Taurus Aug. 31-Sept. 2 pulls this theme into conscious view and has the advantage of helping generate palpable results. 

With the Sun in Virgo also stimulating an earth grand trine with Uranus & Saturn, we're experiencing a unique fusion of elements. Both the practical and novel weave together quite beautifully right now, assisting in the implementation of a different look and feel to things. Experimenting with unusual approaches can lead to new forms and designs. Pushing known boundaries might result in shifts to areas which have been stagnant for far too long. And the current earth energies help maintain reasonable, concrete focus for the avoidance of going too far. 



Full Moon in Aries 2016: Feed The Inner Fire

“The price of sanity in today’s society is a certain level of alienation.”
-Terence McKenna

Social rejection is such a painful thing that we crave inclusion and tend to do what we must to retain it. That means we’re susceptible to believing some dangerous things and correspondingly adjusting our lives around those beliefs. The planet Uranus, aligning with this Full Moon, asks that you scrutinize where you have compromised yourself for the sake of keeping everyone else happy or fitting in. In the days surrounding this Full Moon, keep a look out for the collective process of intense individuation that may get stirred up. Be mindful of this in yourself, as well as the potential hostility from others attempting to break themselves free.
This month’s Full Moon occurs in the tropical sign of Aries and aligns with both the planet Uranus and the dwarf planet Eris. As the lunar cycle culminates, it correlates with a dynamic breaking point in the collective psyche. That may show up in the culmination of several circumstances in your personal life. The combination of Uranus and Eris in the sign of Aries might create powerful momentum and a desire for decisive action. However, opposing the Full Moon is the Sun in Libra, which alludes to the validity of alternative points of view of which you may be also considering.
With the Sun in Libra, there is the necessity of compromise; you may have to contend more with the will and needs of others. The planet Uranus always highlights the need for authenticity. Consider whether your current direction is congruent with who you really are. There is likely to be a focus on independence and autonomy, which may result in breaking free from what limits your full self-expression. Be cautious with this energy, however. Eris and Uranus in Aries can be volatile, hostile, rebellious and unpredictable. If you’ve been repressing your feelings about certain matters in your life, expect this Full Moon to pull them out.
The conjunction between Eris and Uranus is reflected all around us in current events. Not much is fully known about Eris astrologically since its discovery in 2005. But when its existence was confirmed, it completely altered the solar system from the astronomical point of view. Eris may have a trickster quality, correlating with massive upheaval within established structures. Uranus, the rebel, and outlaw of the planetary pantheon will likely amplify this tendency. Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, correlates with the sense of new beginnings. While a Full Moon is not technically a new start, it may feel that way.

Mars is currently approaching a conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn which receives a square from Mercury. Now is the time to begin thinking and brainstorming about possible strategies and plans of action. That will require facing up to reality honestly and soberly. Mars and Pluto can help you to think carefully about your future survival. With this lunation, it’s likely that you’ll find yourself fed up with something in your life, perhaps an old approach has become stale and prosaic. Use this high-energy Full Moon to make some fresh changes. Free yourself from any shackles you feel are binding you, and connect with who you really are, and who or what truly feeds that and keeps it alive.