Venus Conjunct Saturn

Prioritizing the Possibilities: Venus Conjunct Saturn 2016

An image of Saturn with Venus as a tiny white dot just above the white
streak in Saturn's G ring; image taken by NASA's Cassini Spacecraft
in March 2013; image by NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute.

Just before the New Moon occurs in tropical Capricorn on Jan. 9, the planets Venus and Saturn will conjoin (make a perceived alignment) in Sagittarius on Jan. 8. While not immediately apparent, these two planets have more in common than one would initially think. Both Venus and Saturn teach us about discrimination, but in very different ways. Venus being a symbol of the desire for establishing relationships and the value of other people requires discrimination—thus someone gets left out and rejected. Saturn often correlates with the necessity to prioritize our time and energy which requires discrimination in the sense that under a Saturn time we must reject certain experiences in favor of those more aligned with our higher priorities.

Both archetypes require that we say no from time to time. They embody a sense of exclusion. Another commonality lies in both archetypes desire to establish connection and comraderie—Venus on a personal level (through Libra) and Saturn on a communal level (through Aquarius). In order to find out where we belong, we need to have an awareness of where we don’t. As Venus and Saturn come together in Sagittarius, you may find yourself focused a bit more on the need for discrimination, having to choose between certain experiences to get clear about your priorities in the moment.

Sagittarius highlights the psychic impulse toward the seeking of new adventure or experiences which disrupt the safe and routine. Under the influence of Sagittarius, there are endless possibilities and opportunities awaiting discovery, but Saturn comes in to limit your focus to allow time to prioritize some things over others. With the heavy emphasis of planets currently in Capricorn, you may find that you require more solitude for reflection, focus. and discipline. However, be careful not to exclude others from the conversation entirely. You may need some input.

Both Venus and Saturn make a square (a 90 degrees angle) to Neptune in Pisces. In its home sign, Neptune appears to have certain dominance in the narrative—that is again, a pull toward isolation for reflection and the acquisition of insight or inspiration. But on the shadow end, Neptune in Pisces can tempt you to avoid the hard work of Saturn through escapism and avoidance of reality.  Saturn through Sagittarius is challenging your faith in the universe—your faith in a higher purpose and meaning for your life and existence. To work positively with both Saturn and Neptune, you must find time to disconnect without complete avoidance of the real world, and without putting off the hard work that Saturn requires of you.

So, just before the New Moon in Capricorn on Jan. 9, you may notice that your attention is placed on prioritizing new experiences and possibilities for your life while being mindful that both solitude and social exchange have their place in the process. Also, be mindful of the temptation to completely disengage from what you need to focus on in the moment. Are there certain distractions you need to eliminate to make more time for the acquisition of clarity in regards to your purpose? Make time for yourself, as well as the people that really matter, and you’ll be able to integrate this aspect successfully and holistically.